Friday, April 16, 2021


      This should not be my drive to work on April 16th. Especially after it was 70 degrees last week. But this is what I got yesterday. In some ways it was the perfect snowstorm (almost). It didn't stick to the road, it didn't need to be shoveled. It just covered the grass, trees, cars... but other than the enormous flakes that came down ALL DAY, it was not a horrible storm. 
     It finally switched to rain sometime in the late afternoon. By the time the sun was down most of the several inches of snow in the yard had melted away. Good. I don't like snow and don't want winter in Spring. Or ever really, but definitely not in the Spring. 
     Yesterday I went for a deep tissue massage and then spent a lot of time thinking about how I was sitting. When you are trying to undo the mess that your body has become from poor posture, sitting in horrible chairs, walking on concrete, etc, it takes time and attention to details. Like, paying attention to how you are sitting as you type your blog. Is the computer moved to the left so your body is partly twisted in the chair? Stop it. Sit directly in front of the computer. Are you hunched over to look at your GIANT monitor (that one is silly one multiple levels)? Stop it. The chair has a back, lean on it. Anyway, the therapist is incredibly good. I went to her once before, just way too long ago. I am going to try really hard to make seeing her a regular thing. I shouldn't feel so old. At the moment I am a tiny bit sore, but I can move so much more freely than I have been able to. Stuff is crunchy in a good way. That's a start.

       So April break has officially started and I have doll work planned, some horse show judging planned, some miniatures shopping planned, and definitely some sleeping. I am looking forward to not waking up at 5:00 for a week!

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