Saturday, April 17, 2021

Finally Some Work

      I have still been taking things fairly easy after my last live sale. I have not been pushing myself super hard to start things, or finish them. The result is I often don't feel like I have anything to talk about. But last week I did actually get a handful of things done that will be available at my semi-live sale. I finished up these 2 backpacks. One is a fun 80's print with Rubik's cubes and I don't remember what else. The other is a cool splash pattern that has pink, black and I think teal. I really need to look at those better. 
      I also got another batch of micro pouches done. I kind of like making these. And the backpacks, those are pretty fun to make. I have had a really hard time talking myself into sewing lately, but the micro pouches are a nice sewing project. 
    I also worked on these. Which are not done, but will be and will be available for sale as well. I think what I will have is the stuff pictured in this blog, the 4 bareback pads, and a couple of items that were not paid for in my last live sale. I may also make a couple of casual dolls. Maybe. Maybe not. I just want to do a quick sale really. I want to see if it works. That is the main goal of this one. 
      So I am just about ready for the semi-live sale and will finish up prepping what I need to prep, get some nice photos so I can start to advertise, and then the sale will happen. I am thinking I might just do it on the 24th. Which is the day I am going to do my live results for the photo show. But I know how long that took, roughly, and I should be able to manage scheduling all of the photos to list ahead of time (they HAVE to be scheduled ahead of time) and do the results, take a few minute break and then do the semi-live sale. I am thinking that might be the way I do it. One will be on the show page and the other on my studio page. So yeah, next Saturday might be a double feature of Anne Field madness!

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