Friday, April 30, 2021

Field of Dolls Online Spring- Part 1

      The Field of Dolls Online Spring show wrapped up on Saturday April 24th with what should have been a live stream of the results and door prize drawing. What it ended up being was a live room in the Facebook group, with no video (sad). Sunday found me packing prizes and doing all of the shipping labels. Monday found me at the post office shipping all of the prizes. Done. But not really. Now it's time to do some sharing and recapping of the show. For this post I am highlighting the 1st place winners from the Other Performance and Regalia and Costume divisions. Enjoy!

1. Pleasure and fine harness
Loverly- Danielle Feldman

2. Other Harness

Loverly- Danielle Feldman

3. In-hand

Trippin Chocolatier-Alyssa Roelofs

4. Showmanship
Tigrese Dash- Kimberly Bleeker

5. Other Performance
Hy Society Silver- Jennifer Buxton

6. Native American Regalia

Hollywood Bling- Danielle Feldman

7. Arabian 

Ishara- Kimberly Bleecker

8. Historical

Perfect Mirth- Kimberly Bleecker

9. Parade

Xadow- Jenny Arsuaga

 10. Other Costume
Peanut Gallery- Jennifer Buxton


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