Friday, April 2, 2021

Letters Home- North Carolina

       Continuing the series of my doll, Little Elecktra, and her visits to hobby friends we find her in North Carolina visiting with Stephanie Blaylock. All the photos in this post are by Stephanie. 

Hi Mom!
     As you know, I arrived safe and sound at Stephanie's house. I was a bit tired from the trip so headed right to bed. The next morning I headed to the barn bright and early. All the horses were spotty! It was so cool!
I also met Gremma. What a big kitty!
     Gremma seemed a little unsure of me, but I was having a good time. I know you would have been all itchy if you were there. (don't worry Little Elecktra, the allergies would not stop me from petting the cat)

     I also met tiny Calabash. He was a bit unsure of me. Or maybe just being an Arab, it's hard to tell sometimes. 

I also met Vermeer in his lovely circus costume. 

     He was so wonderful! And that costume is super pretty, I know you would have loved everything about this day! I like meeting all the big animals but the best is being able to hang out with the ones that are my size. 
      I finished up the day hanging out in the barn with the my-size animals. It was perfect! So many things in there were green, I fit right in! Stephanie and I are having a great time and I am very glad that I came to visit. 

     I am sure that we will have plenty more for me to tell you about. I will write more soon!
           Little Elecktra

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