Wednesday, April 28, 2021


        When I was finishing up the things for my birthday live sale I knew that I was getting close to a milestone. I was just 2 dolls away from having finished 1500 dolls. Wow. Let's let that one sink in for a bit, 1500 dolls. Some of them were very simple, some were incredibly elaborate, but they all count. It has taken me about 15 years to get to 1500 dolls. Which means that if I keep going at the same rate I will hit 3000 by 2036. At that time I will be 57 years old. Which means I should definitely have it in me to hit 5000! But for now, let's celebrate 1500 finished dolls. It's a big deal.
        For the milestone dolls I usually try to make it a really cool or different doll. It just seems like the right this to do. So was Kylee Park's headless Dorothy doll #1500? It was not. Turns out she was #1499! But I really wanted to get that doll finished on April 7th, since I also finished a Dorothy doll last year on April 7th. Just seems to be a thing now. 
       I guess I could be bummed that #1500 turned out to be a hoodie doll. I have made SO MANY hoodie dolls lately. I technically just made another for myself. But I was not at all upset by the hoodie doll that is #1500. It is Ms. Gonna B. Watching, who lives with (really close anyway) to Katy Niles. She is also wearing her name badge from Doll Protective Services. Just one of those little extra projects I had to do to keep the shenanigans going with Katy. I'm having a lot of fun!
      So as of writing this I had 1505 dolls finished and documented. I might have chosen to do a different doll for #1500 if I had been paying more attention. But this doll (and her photo ID) always make me laugh so I think she is an excellent milestone doll. Maybe I will be paying more attention when I hit 1600. Or maybe it will be another hoodie doll, lol!



Lynn Isenbarger said...

What a milestone! Congratulations! I am glad that two of those 1500 dolls belong to me. They are treasures!

timaru star ii said...

I like your attitude. Not every milestone stands out. What stands out is how many you've made, so you must have a procedure that is sustainable over the long term. You can look forward to 1600. I've only made 507 saddles (457 + 50).