Thursday, April 15, 2021

Kimberly’s Donations

       Mail Stalker USPS Informed Delivery, is something I really love. I love getting an email every morning that tells me what packages are coming that day. It also usually has a scan of most letters (and bills) which is nice. That lets me know I need to actually go to my mailbox, which is something I used to be really good at, but have gotten really lax about in the past year or so. Anyway, informed delivery can also be used to just look up what packages you have coming and any estimated delivery dates. It's not foolproof, but it is a lot better than the old system of just wait and wonder. 
       Yesterday informed delivery told me that I had 2 packages delivered to my front door/porch at 11:03 am. Poop. It was raining. A lot. The stairs are not covered. USPS does not wrap your mail in a big plastic bag (though UPS does). I had a feeling it would be bad. 
      When I got home there were 3 packages on the stairs and one stuck in the door. I had a bonanza of deliveries! UPS, who did NOT wrap the package (or maybe that was FedEx...), put it ON the threshold of the door, so it was at least partially protected from the tiny bit of roof overhang (not much protection). Fedex jammed the express envelope into the edge of the door. And USPS, in fine form, left the packages right on the stair, nowhere near any sort of protection. To be fair, there was not really an option for protection, unless they slid them under the stairs. That would have been a good idea. I was not totally sure what was in any of the packages, but one of them was from Kimberly Bleecker, so I knew it was donations for the Field of Dolls Online Spring show. Luckily, Kimberly covered the top of the box with clear packing tape, which saved it from damage. 
     We also have a bunch of cool prizes to add to the prize pool! This show has SO MANY prizes! I love it! Judging is underway and I am excited for the live results show on the 24th.
      The other package did not fare as well. When I picked it up to bring it inside it immediately sagged and started to disintegrate. It became self opening as I got to the kitchen, and basically the whole bottom opened up. Luckily the tins inside (a gift for Ethan) were, well, tins, and wrapped in bubble wrap so safe. In the end, nothing was damaged. I got some more awesome prizes for the show, Ethan got a cool gift that was not destroyed (our 22 year anniversary is on the 20th), and I FINALLY got in my overtone order (my colored conditioner). So all is well. And I am happy. 

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timaru star ii said...

You were saved by packaging. What cute prizes!