Monday, April 19, 2021

Unicorn Hair and Miniatures

      Before anyone wants to take note for me, I have a lot of silver showing in my hair. I am 100% OK with my tinsel. I am not sure if I am 100% OK with flipping the teal to the top layer instead of the bottom layer of my hair. The very first fun color I ever put in my hair was pink. And then pink, different pink, other pink, until I found Overtone Extreme pink. Then it was extremely pink. The bleached parts of my hair grew out, I dyed my hair red (natural red) and was a redhead for at least a year. Then I went back to pink. And again, my hair was pink for a while. But then I added some purple. And some blue. And some magenta and teal. I had it cascading down my hair in a cool unicorn rainbow for a while. It is an amazing look, but it is super hard to redo it and keep up with. So now my unicorn hair is just different layers in different colors. It is a lot easier to keep up with. Since the teal is a finicky color I thought that freshly bleached hair might be the best to really show it's color. I forgot that I don't really love the formula (or shade) of the teal. It doesn't always cover super well and is not teal enough. So I still love my fun, unicorn colored hair, but I may need to swap the order of colors again. Every time I add color it's slightly different anyway. And it all works. 
      Laura Rock-Smith posted on Facebook that Michael's has a seasonal section full of amazing miniature items. Not all of them would be in scale for 1:9 scale (or 1:12 when it comes down to it) but they had a lot of cool things. So Travis and I headed out to Michael's to see what we could find. 

      I *may* have spent about $100. I did get some modeling paste and a couple of small boxes, but the majority was miniatures. AND I had a coupon AND the seasonal miniatures were buy one get one 50% off. But whatever. Miniatures are awesome and I have a bunch (more) now and it makes me happy. And I also picked up some extras to be show prizes. Because no matter how many prizes I already have I always seem to buy more. 
     When I found the little birdbath I was actually sort of hoping for 2. I was thinking they could be nice to put with a jump, if I added a bit to them. I have a vague idea in my head anyway. Maybe I should check out another Michael's and see what they have. Not that I really need another project or anything, but the idea is there and I may need to act on it. 

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