Friday, April 23, 2021

I’m on Vacation

        This week was April break from school. Which means I have extra time in my day that I usually don't have. Somehow, I have had less time to work on things that I normally do. Not totally sure how that happened. The best I can figure out is that I have actually been doing some things for myself. I have been reading more, I did all that prep work on my custom horse, I got back into playing the SIMS and I built myself a super fancy house. Then my SIM adopted a couple of puppies and has been spending a lot of time with them. Sometimes I just lacked motivation. Sometimes I had other things to do. But I did not end up having as much working time as would have been ideal. It's not really that big of a deal though, I did get some work done. And I didn't make myself entirely crazy, which is a good thing. 
     While I was working on the prep work for my custom I also dremeled (so, prepped) a big batch of dolls so they were ready to use. Three of them got bendy necks, which also takes a bit of extra time. I then cut out 4 outfits and got them sewn. It took me until the end of Wednesday but I finally got this western pleasure doll finished up. I think she's pretty cool
     I did also work on things for my semi-live sale, which is today at 2:00 on the Field of Dolls Studio page on Facebook. I got the last couple of items I was working on finished, got photos, added the claim codes to the photos that will go live later on, and I scheduled all of the photos to post at the specified times. I hope it all works. We'll find out. I did not overly advertise the sale. I just want to find out if this format works. I have a handful of items and a plan. Enough people (hopefully) know about it that I can get an idea of whether or not this will work. And then I will tweak whatever needs tweaking before the sale in August. That is probably a good idea. 
     Today is also results day for the Field of Dolls Online Spring show. Those will be at 3:00 on the Field of Dolls Online show page on Facebook. I have been working on the points to figure out the top 7 showers and then working on making easy-to-follow sheets to allow me to separate out prizes with ease. I still am not as prepared as I probably should be, but I really don't feel like pushing myself on this. I HAVE the prizes, I HAVE the data that tells me who has overall champion, reserve and top 5. I have a whole bunch of door prizes... I don't necessarily need to have everything sorted and ready to ship already. But I still have time to get to that. 
2:00 on the Field of Dolls Studio Facebook page is my semi-live sale. 
3:00 on the Field of Dolls Online Facebook page is the live results broadcast for the show. 
     Yes, I am a crazy person. Yes, I can totally do this and make it work. See you later!

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Danielle Feldman said...

Sounds like you’ve been plenty busy to me! See you soon!!