Sunday, April 18, 2021

Unicorn Eyelashes

      Having fun, unicorn colored hair, takes a lot of work. I make it easier by using overtone deep conditioner for my hair color, and by having things divided up in a way that make it much easier to put the colors in myself, and have them look good, without having to be super precise about how I separate the sections. But once in a while, maybe about once a year, I need to have my hair bleached a bit higher so I have more space to put in the fun colors. That's the time I go and see my friend Tracy. Once many many years ago (before I met Tracy) I bleached my own hair. Never again. I leave bleach to the professionals now. 
      Tracy asked me if I would paint the eyes on the unicorn bank she was painting for her granddaughter. I have painted eyes before, though not this big, and not purple. But I painted them like I would paint a horse eye, just in purple, and I added some pink eyeshadow and teal eyelashes. Unicorns don't really have rules on color after all. It is not a super realistic eye, I am just not that good, but it's cute.
      This week I am on vacation from school, and the weather is pretty much back to being Spring like. Not completely, but most of the days are back to reasonable. There are still some really chilly days and days with rain and clouds expected, but still most of the days are reasonable. I have to work on dolls of course, but maybe at least some of the days can be open window days. 
      I am still sort of way too busy, but apparently that is just my normal state of being. I have orders to work on, should get going on dolls and things for my August live sale, I have the semi-live sale to finish putting together to try out the new live sale format on a smaller scale, I need to finish judging the Field of Dolls Online Spring show, I will also need to compile points for champs for the show... I have things happening. Still not taking a lot of photos, which are essential to a blog post, but I have a lot going on. After the show is done it will be one less thing on my plate, at least until we get closer to fall when I will then be talking about the fall show again. Or closer to August when we will talk about the next live sale. While I do still have a lot going on, it is actually not all that much (for me) and is not overly stressful. There is not a lot of school year left, not a lot left I need to do for the show... things will be OK. But I should get back into it.

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Lynn Isenbarger said...

That eye is lovely! (Believe it or not, I am softening toward unicorns. :D)