Sunday, April 4, 2021

Photos and Customs.

     Friday I set up my arena, on my bed, got out the studio lights and set up to do some show photos. Was it an ideal setup? Not by a long shot! Did it work out? Yes, it did! I had to be super careful about leveling the arena (blankets were helpful in this) and several times I had to thin out my kinetic sand so the horses would not sink in and fall over. But eventually I made it all work. I tried the lights in several different positions until I liked how the photos ended up. I am still excited for my new, longer (by 10 inches!) arena, but for now I can totally make this one work. 
      Saturday morning I got a bunch of photos entered in Candyland, Travis and I went to do errands, and then I came home and decided it was time to get back into working on my custom horse. So I brought him out and with the battery powered rotary tool on medium, I got a lot of sanding done. He will of course need more. Soon, sanding will be my life. 
     But at least he is now all in primer and I can see what else needs to happen to him. He's not super bad really. I think a mane and forelock and then actually prepping. I am not looking forward to that part. 
      I got a message that my new arena has shipped! Fingers crossed it gets to me faster than the last one. I am VERY excited for the photos I can take with more space!


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