Monday, April 5, 2021

Letters Home- North Carolina

    Little Elecktra is still visiting with Stephanie Blaylock in North Carolina. As is usual for her she got into some interesting things!

Hi Mom!
     A scary thing happened today! Stephanie was doing some painting and I was trying to help, but I got locked in the cabinet! Wow that was scary! It reminded me of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe when Edmund closed the wardrobe door after he followed Lucy inside (because he forgot it was a bad idea) and they ended up in Narnia. Well, nothing that cool happened to me. I just knocked on the glass and Stephanie let me out. 
    After that it seemed like a safer idea to just sit on the desk and hold brushes. There really is something very soothing about watching people create. 
      Since I really wanted to help in some way Stephanie said I could hold her horse. Isn't he gorgeous!

      I even got to go for a little ride! I am having a wonderful time!
I also got to do some visiting with Stephanie's dolls. 
      And look! Another spotty equine! I think Stephanie needs more doll furniture. Maybe you should stop hoarding all of it mom, lol! (no, I have a deep love of 1:9 scale furnishings and will keep on collecting as many pieces as I can get my hands on!)
     I am hoping that I will get to have some more adventures while I am here. And maybe I can still find Narnia! I'll write more soon. 
          Little Elecktra


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