Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Casually Working

     It took me over a week to make these 2 casual dolls. Casual dolls should not take me that long. But these days I am cold (as I have mentioned), tired (which I also have mentioned), and a bit overwhelmed at times. So I am basically casually working on dolls. And I am cutting myself some slack. Or mostly I am. I really should be working on dolls and doll items more than I am. But I am half hibernating I think. 
     That's actually totally untrue. I get up at 5:20, get ready for work, help Travis get ready for school, and once I get to work I don't stop working (other then the 20something minutes I take for lunch) until a few minutes after the kids leave. Then I get Travis, we go home, I might have a tiny nap, maybe a snack, and I usually get right back to work. But sometimes my naps get a bit out of control. Sometimes I zone out on my phone for a bit. Winter is hard. 
     Last night I found out that a friend of mine died suddenly. I have no idea what happened, I just know that she is gone and it makes me sad. She and I had a variety of things in common, so while we were not super close friends, we had a lot of lengthy conversations. I remember, more than once, she said she couldn't wait until we could figure out a way for me to go to Breyerfest so she could give me the biggest hug. I'm sad she is gone and sad at how long it has been since we chatted. Life is short, hug your people.

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Adah R. said...

Would that be Krista? I'm so sorry for you.