Sunday, January 9, 2022

Getting into the Swing of Things

     I am still slowly picking away at some saddlebags. I am pretty much over them at this point though and might decide I am done after I get the couple last sets finished that I am into at the moment. I am glad I made some for the next live sale, and really glad I got them out of the way so early. I still have to make matching pommel bags and the stuff to go in them, but the hardest parts are nearly done. And I have started into creating the small stuff, which is only available at my live sales. 
     Some people may be curious why the smaller items (other than removable cutting chaps or chinks) are only available during my live sales. The short answer is because that is how I do it. The somewhat longer answer is orders for these items stress me out for no particular reason that I can understand. Maybe because the creation of these items takes steps that are often very different than doll making. There are a lot of crossover aspects, but that doesn't seem to matter. I took orders for the smaller things for a bit. I was always incredibly stressed and anxious over these orders, so I decided finally not to do it anymore. But I do make myself make at least some of each of the smaller items for my live sales. At least I try to. 

     Anyway, this time around I started with the saddlebags and then moved on to prepping a bunch of bareback pads. I need to get out the sewing machine to keep going with the bareback pads, but I at least have a bunch of them started. I also finished a cute little flamingo backpack and have another backpack about halfway finished. I actually sort of enjoy making backpacks. Maybe I will make a whole bunch of them this time around. Or maybe I will forget that plan and only make a handful. Who can say?
    We are in actual winter now, for sure. It snowed the other day, we had our first snow day off from school, and it's cold almost all the time. I really hate the cold. I am sometimes bored (how???) and just can't figure out what I want to do. Which then makes me feel like I am probably forgetting to do something really important. Anyway, is it almost Spring yet?


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Anonymous said...

You should do a blog giveaway of one or two of your tiny things!