Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Police Dolls Part 2

     Potentially the trickiest part of the police dolls was their headgear. The regular cop needed a helmet, with some extra stuff on it, but the drum rider needed sort of a pith helmet. I didn't have anything like that and I really don't like making them. So I started searching to see if Mego had ever made anything like it. And I searched, and I changed search terms, and I looked some more... and then I remembered that Michelle has been able to 3D print some pretty awesome things, so I sent her a message and a photo, and asked if she would be able to make what I needed. And the answer was yes! Her test print was basically perfect and I told her so. I also ordered some more helmets from her at the same time so I can have more removable helmets for the next live sale. The helmet on the cop was a large one Michelle printed a while back. It was the biggest one I had and I was glad that I had it. This is the only helmet, of many sizes that I have, that fit on this head! I had to paint it, but there are definitely worse things than having to paint something!
     The pith helmet was perfect the color Michelle sent it so I just added the blue and white checkered trim and the patch. Just a couple of little details turned them into police dolls. And I think they came together pretty well in the end. I love when dolls go from looking horrible (SO many ugly stages!) to all of a sudden coming together. I am not surprised if people new to doll making get frustrated during the process. Dolls basically look awful from start to almost finished. 
    The last thing for Mary's order was a removable safety vest for her police rider. I think this is so he can ride in parades, but I am not sure. Lots of cops wear safety vests for different things while on the job. Anyway, this one was a bit tricky. I made another one with larger reflective ribbon that I didn't much like. Neither did Mary. So I got a new package of ribbon (there is ONE size in the 3 size pack that is good for 1:9 scale) and remade the vest. And it was almost there. So another tweak and we have a removable safety vest. They are not the easiest or the hardest thing to make. They do not glue well though. At least not with Fabritac. I finally remembered that they are iron-on ribbons and ironed them together. It was a good thing I put them on some foil other wise I potentially could have ruined them and whatever they were on! But it all worked out and came together in the end. 
      I have a couple more custom dolls I need to try to get to this week. They are not as tricky as these police dolls but that is certainly OK. Sometimes basic dolls are just what I need. 


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timaru star ii said...

This is so cool. Great pith helmet!