Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Happy New Year!

     Does it matter to me that it is January 5th? Not in the least. I realized the other day, on New Year's day to be precise, that I have made it 2 years posting a blog every single day, at least once. And for the past 2 years I have had several days that had more than one post. Yay me! 3 years ago I also did pretty well with almost 300 posts. I am hoping to keep up my blogging record this year as well. So far so good. 
     One of the things I do on New Year's day is the new calendar. I take the old calendar and mark all the important birthdays, then I take both the school calendars and mark vacations, other days off, and professional development days for both schools. After that I mark any appointments for the new year that were made the previous year. My calendar is very important to me. And it is always horses. The past few years I have gotten my new horse calendar at Ocean State Job Lot. If you are not familiar with those stores they are stores that have a variety of random, cheap items. Usually overstock from a bunch of different stores and so on. I can tell you they are the best place to buy coconut oil (under $7 a jar!) and I can get a calendar for $3. I am totally OK with that. The thing I discovered this year, is sometimes my calendar is very similar to the previous year's calendar. Not every month is the same, just January and December are identical, with most of the photos for 2022 being the same as 2021, with a few new ones, but it's a horse calendar, which is mostly what matters to me. And it made me laugh a lot! I am easily amused. 
We don't really celebrate Christmas around here, but we do give gifts for New Years. Ethan got me a very cool set of... dead horses. 
     They were described a slightly different way on the website he bought them from, but it's a really good description of them. 
     They are not just skeletal... not sure if they would be zombie horses, but they are definitely different and interesting. 
    Ethan told me that he has the same trouble buying me horses that I have buying him tools or air guns. It's really hard to know what the other needs/wants. He liked these and was positive I didn't have anything like it. He was correct. They do look really excellent with my Maggie Bennett horse skull collection though. Somehow Ethan had missed that I had those. 
     If anyone that Little Elecktra visited would like to write a letter (from their dolls maybe?) saying how things are going, I would love to post them! Terri's letter with her dolls staying cozy was a lot of fun and I would love to do more. 


Sarah B said...

This "dead ponies" are grand. Now I've gotta go digging for similar ones.

Braymere said...

Happy New Year! I admire your discipline. In the last two years I have written a lot of posts, but I have not had even a single month where I blogged every day. Maybe this month it will happen, but then again, maybe not!