Friday, January 7, 2022

When Madness Strikes

     The other day I hinted at some craziness that had come over me. I was not kidding. I have no idea how it happened, but all of a sudden I wanted to make saddlebags. If you don't know why that is strange, you have not been paying attention. I HATE making saddlebags! They have so many tiny little steps. And once you think you are ready to move on to the next step, you are wrong, because you forgot to do a thing that is super important to do first. Still, I felt like making saddlebags. So I pulled out some material and I got started on two sets. That's not bad, I can handle picking away at a couple of sets of bags. 
     Honestly, the ironing might, maybe, be the worst part of them. It has to be very precise so everything folds and lines up properly for gluing. Plus I have to dig out the doll iron, wait for it to heat up, not drop it off the table onto my foot (because I am probably not wearing shoes). Always something. But I made it through the ironing and then over the course of the day picked away some more and made them bag shaped. But then, even with this stuff done, there is SO MUCH MORE. 
     And yet, somehow by the end of the day, just picking away at bits of the process every now and then, I ended up with 2 finished sets of bags. And I didn't completely hate the process. I didn't enjoy it, but at least I got some bags done. Yay me! But then...
     I started on some more! How is this happening? What sort of Twilight Zone am I living in? How am I wanting to make saddlebags? Do I actually want to do it? Am I possessed? What is happening?
     So I am just as surprised as all of you. I have wanted to make saddlebags, so I have been doing it. Sometimes I still hate the process, there really are so many steps, but I have been making it through. I might get super sick of bags soon and just stop. But I will at least have some sets of bags for my next live sale. Currently that is almost ALL that I will have, but sooner or later I will get started on inventory. And I will make sure to share all of that as well. 



Danielle Feldman said...

Follow that muse!

timaru star ii said...

I like the colors. I've always wanted a set of your saddlebags. And sometimes I do what I had no idea I was going to, like work on harness when I'd promised saddle. It's what artists do. Danielle is right.
But yeah, you might be temporarily mad. :)