Friday, January 14, 2022


       There are some things that pretty much all of my days this week have in common. I worked pretty much continuously from the moment I got to school to the moment I left, got home and was super exhausted, so needed to take a bit of a nap. And then the naps lasted a little bit longer (I set timers for my naps so I don't just crash). After that I would often get up and play on my phone for a bit. Then maybe a bit more. I am tired. But I have also managed to make some pretty good progress on everything at school. I have lessons planned for all of next week and I think most of the week after. Even the week after that for a couple of classes. I have grades in so currently everything is totally updated. That's good, grades close....soon. Maybe even Monday. Hmm, maybe I'm up to date on everything! I need to look into that... OK, they close on Wednesday. Which means I need to put two assignments in the online gradebook, give, collect and grade the assignments, and hope that I don't get 37 piles of makeup work on Wednesday. I will not be pleased. Anyway, stuff is going fairly well I think. Just keep swimming. 
     I have managed to get 3 backpacks finished for my live sale. I am planning on making a bunch more likely, but I have these to start. I think they are super cute! Two of them are made with new custom fabrics I got from Carra as a holiday gift. I love the flamingos and palm trees so much! Abd the coffee and cookies print is one I had a small bit of in the past and have run out of. It's good to have more.
      I also got some sewing done on some of the bareback pads. One of these is going to be a special gift, but the other 3 will be in the live sale. All of them are new prints! I still have to add trim and make the billets and girths, but more progress has been made. 
     I am working super slowly these days, at least I feel like I am. I am so tired after going full-out at school all day that I don't have a whole lot of energy left for doll work. But I keep on picking away at it. And maybe soon I will have more energy. Right now I am just so cold. I am sick of winter. 

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