Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Little Things

     Yesterday was another weird day. I was so incredibly tired again. After school, Travis and I went to do a few errands, stopped and got coffee, and when we got home I took a short nap. And I got up and was exhausted for the rest of the day. Like, super tired and wished I could go to bed at like 5:00. Weirdly, I think it was the coffee. And maybe my contacts. They were making my eyes itchy. Everything is so dry, my skin, my eyes, winter is hard. I know that I always have struggles in the winter with motivation, but this seems so much worse than normal. 
     Anyway, one of the errands I did was to stop at Joann's and get the padding that I use to make pet beds. So I at least have everything I need to start making the pet sets for this next live sale. Not that I actually got started on them or anything. I did think about it, but then I did other things, got distracted, tried really hard to talk myself into at least starting, and then ended up just making a couple of backpacks. I'm glad I did something anyway. I really wish I could kick this tiredness. It's getting on my nerves. 
     So we've made it to Thursday, it's my Mom's birthday today, and I am almost to the weekend. So far the short week does not feel incredibly long. Sometimes they do, but so far this one has been OK. But my days go by so quickly, it is hard for anything to drag. I have been planning, and making or finding worksheets that work well to reinforce the lessons I am teaching, and trying to think of projects and fun things. Then there are all the reminders to get makeup work in, because grades close tomorrow, and grading, and doing all the computer things. There are several computer things at this point. All of them take time, which results in no time to get bored, and no time for the day to drag. Even though I am tired I guess that is a good thing. Right up until I get home and can barely function. 
     I may start on the pet sets today. Or I might work on things for the saddlebag sets, or more backpacks. I just haven't decided yet. I could maybe make some dog vests, people seem into those still. I do still have some time. I am really happy that I have gotten started and am not waiting until the last minute to do things (like students with their makeup work...) but I wish I didn't feel like I was working in slow motion. 

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timaru star ii said...

Poor kid. Take two naps. I am tempted to wonder about a deficiency, like iron or something? More daylight is coming.