Saturday, January 1, 2022

Letters From Friends

   Today’s guest post was written by Terri Wright. Thank you Terri for keeping the letters going :)

Dear Elecktra
Happy Christmas.  Another year has come and gone, and time has flown since your visit.   We passed the first snowfall and yalda (winter solstice) celebrations so quickly I feel like we forgot to blink.

We don't celebrate Christmas in our home, but we were tickled when your gifts arrived in the mail.  And we have been enjoying them during this unusually cold winter.  
We have daily lows dipping down past -25 celcius here.. and while our farmers called for a cold bitter winter, I always seem to forget how cold it can get.  I bet you are glad you decided not to spend Christmas with us in Canada !

We hope you have a good holiday, and wish we can see the spring soon!

Emmie and the girls.

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