Sunday, January 16, 2022


     I had a busy weekend, but didn't do anything that has photos or updates, so I have almost nothing to talk about. Again. I was thinking about talking about tack again, but I also feel like I have done a whole lot of those posts in the past couple of months. I don't have time to play with the 1:9 scale dollhouse things, though I should do that sometime soon probably (and see what I don't really need because I have SO MUCH stuff). So today I will just share all of the saddlebags that I managed to finish recently. I only have these 6 sets, but that is 2 more sets than I had at the last live sale. I need to make the stuff for them, and the pommel bags, but I am really happy I got these 6 sets finished. The main bags really are the most time consuming part of the sets, so the hardest for me to talk myself into making. Anyway, I will have these 6 sets available at my next live sale, at the end of March. If I slack off too much they may come just like this without the other stuff. But I am aiming for the full sets. We will see what I manage. 
     I am still really cold, and I am really hating the weather the last several days. Saturday was definitely the worst, but so far January has pretty much decided to be much more typical than normal. I was looking at my "last year on this date" posts from OneDrive and a few days ago last year I was out taking performance photos in the yard! Now it needs to be pretty warm out for an outdoor performance photo shoot. I can't be dealing with frozen hands and bulky coats. So I would say it had to have been in the 50s. It is not in the 50's now (as I type this it's a balmy 21 degrees, which is MUCH better than the 9 it was yesterday!). I really am very ready for Spring. 


Adah R. (Spotted Dreams Studio) said...

Today, it is so cold my thermometer won't register. We have high snow and ice everywhere. Ugh. Winter.
The saddlebags are lovely!

Anonymous said...

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