Sunday, January 2, 2022

Tack Room Cleaning, Sort Of

     Believe it or not, this is what my tack room looks like when it's clean. This is as good as it gets these days. And this is before some of the extras get put back in there "just for now." I really need to go through all of my miniatures and things and see what I can let go of. I have a ton of stuff. So much I am not even sure of all the miniatures I have. And I am sure I likely don't need every single 3D printed (plastic or resin) item that I have ever acquired. Anyway, for now, all of my tack is actually up off the floor of the tack room. Who knows how long that will last. But there are things I figured out during this most recent cleaning. I own 9 western saddles. Several are definitely pleasure saddles. A couple are definitely working saddles. Some are a mix of could go either way. But I have 9 of them. I also have 5 hunt seat saddles (one is out for repair). I own a saddle seat saddle, an endurance saddle, a vaulting set, a parade set, bunches of halters and bridles, and sooner or later I will have a western side saddle and an English side saddle. 
    I own a lot of tack. 
    There are people with 10 times more tack than I have, lol.
     I currently have a western and an English side saddle in the works (or in the plans) of a couple of different tack artists. Why? because I don't currently own them and I worked out the deals for them when I was really into adding things to my collection. I don't regret that, I am sure they will be amazing. The only problem is, I have 2 saddles coming (eventually) and I have only one saddle stand. And even if I got another, I am not sure where I would put it. The tack room is a bit cramped at this point. 
      I have a cute collection of tiny rosettes that I won at photo shows. Those might start to be a thing of the past again (or not have adorable tiny rosettes as prizes) so I may be out of luck in adding any more to the collection. 
      I pulled out all my Studiomaire pads and wondered why I have so few. It's because I forgot to count the 5 white pads that go with my English saddles. I still likely need more. Though I have literally only ever used one of these (and 5 of them came from recent sales so I haven't had time to use them). 
     I also seem to have a lot of barn cats. In real life I am not overly fond of cats (I can hear the hate already...). They are weirdly attracted to me, likely because I am very allergic to them. And I do like to pet them, sometimes (and then remind myself to immediately wash my hands) but so many cats will decide that they need to walk on me... with their claws out. I am definitely a dog person, not a cat person, but my 1:9(ish) scale cats are very cool. And they are doing a good job of guarding the grain bin (the trash can) in the tack room. They must be, I have not seen any 1:9 scale mice. 
      Maybe next time I will take out all of my horse blankets and share those, I don't think I have ever done that. I honestly don't even think I have even ever put them all on horses. I should do that. And maybe I should figure out all the different bridles I have. 

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