Saturday, January 29, 2022


     Remember yesterday, when I told the story about being stranded in the cold (it was 27 degrees) that it could have been worse? It absolutely could have been A LOT worse. On Thursday, on my way to work, it was 0. It was literally nothing. That is cold! 27 is no picnic, but 0 makes it really hard to just walk across the parking lot. I really hate the winter, I am ready for it to be done, and I am reminding myself that it is one day closer to Spring. Hmm, Groundhog Day is on Wednesday.
     I have been very busy helping out with some stuff, and struggling to find motivation, so I have not gotten a ton of doll work done lately. Last week I did manage to get new legs built on my youth doll and I cut out and got some clothes sewn. Baby steps. Eventually I will get something finished. And eventually I will likely be quite productive again. 
     So part of the reason I keep not getting things done is I keep having appointments. They used to be more staggered I think, but some of them got pushed out by a bit, some by a lot, and now I have many right around the same time. Last Friday we went to the eye doctor. Then Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment. Last Thursday I got the call that my glasses were ready so we went out to pick them up. So many extra things happening lately! The good thing is, I don't much mind. Sure, I have not gotten much done and it could be very frustrating, but it's not. I am doing so much better, at least currently, at cutting myself slack. So much slack. I will get the dolls done when I finish them. I realize that even at my slowest I still work fast. I am learning to be OK with taking a bit longer. Though I still get a kick out of the time that Jackie ordered a doll and had it in hand withing about 72 hours. That was fun.
     I figured I needed to show off my new glasses. I very rarely wear my glasses, I find my contacts to be more comfortable for a variety of reasons. One being they don't slide down, lol. I also can see clearly no matter which way I look so don't have to deal with a lot of change from clear to blurry, which sometimes makes me sick. I didn't really NEED new glasses, my old prescription was fine, the doctor said so, but I kind of wanted them. And these frames match my hair! Not the bit of hair you can see in the photo, but the magenta part. And I love them. When I first got glasses I wanted them to be as invisible as possible. Now I have decided if I am going to put on my glasses, I want them to be seen! If I was more into glasses I would go back and get the sort of cat-eye shaped ones in midnight blue. I really am quite tempted...
     Anyway, Thursday was 0 degrees, Friday we got stranded in 27 degrees, there was a crazy storm yesterday, and next week it is going to be 50. I am not making this up, lol. New England can never make up it's mind on the weather, so it just throws everything at us, one day after another. Or sometimes all in the same day.


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