Monday, January 10, 2022

Customer Photos

      I go back and forth about whether or not I want to stop taking custom orders. Sometimes I just want to make whatever I feel like making. Sometimes I feel like I am "behind" if I take too long to get to an order (even though an order is rarely in my book for even a month). But so far I have not closed by books and I can't bring myself to do it now. And I have to say, sometimes it's nice to already know what you need to make. 
     Recently I made this western pleasure doll for Jody, and I was so pleased to see how well she matches Jody's saddle pad! It is super tricky to match from a photo, since every monitor is different, but we seemed to do pretty well. I think this pair makes a good team. And I absolutely LOVE customer photos!
     School is weird again. I found out that there is another piece of the job that is expected that I didn't know about until yesterday. It was very overwhelming and frustrating for most of the day. Then I figured out how to make it work. It still adds another thing I have to do, but I have a way to fit it in that I THINK will not take much for extra time. A bit of time, but nothing crazy. As long as it works the way it works in my head I think I will be OK. 
    In other school news, midterms were canceled and I am thrilled about that! I had the days blocked off properly in the book but had not gotten around to making any exams yet. And now I don't have to. I can just stick to regular tests and quizzes, at regular intervals, and it makes me really happy. 
     Another weird thing that made me happy was yesterday, while Travis and I were out doing errands after laundry, I noticed that the sun was just starting to go down at 4:30. This is progress! At the darkest it is DARK here at 4:30. I would say we didn't have full sunset until around 5:00 or later. And I am hanging onto the reminder that Spring, and the sun, will come back eventually. 

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