Friday, September 27, 2019

10-20 years

     Yesterday was my anniversary. A lot of people have asked how long. And really, it's 10 and 20 years. Ethan and I have been together (actual dating) for over 20 years. We have been married for 10. Friends for about 25. We have a lot of history. In 25 years we still have fun. still do new things together and still have things to talk about. I think he's pretty awesome. The first thing we did together for our anniversary was I re-shaved the sizes of his head and I made his mohawk stand up. He got his hair cut in a mohawk back in February or March and we had not made it stand up yet. I watched a Youtube video on how to do it and we have been trying to find the time to make it happen. Yesterday was that day.  So that was definitely something new.
     The new new thing, for me anyway, was we went and rode ebikes. Ethan does ebike repair so we went to his shop and I met some of the guys he works with. He has been there for several months now (he was also working at another bike shop up until recently), but I have not had a chance to go out there and see the shop and meet the people he works with. They are pretty cool. It seems like a really good group of people to work with. At least from what I saw. 
      Anyway, if you have never ridden an ebike, I totally recommend trying it. They don't do the work for you, they are not scooters. They are electric assist. Meaning when you come to the big hills they are easier and, if you are like me, you don't poop out before the top. So while you do work and have to pedal, the assist makes it a bit easier, and more enjoyable, to ride a bike if you are not a hardcore bicycle rider. We did 11 miles and it was really fun and not painful. I told Ethan it was an excellent date idea and we should totally do that again. 
     So you may have noticed that the photos in this blog are even worse than my photos usually are. That is because I lost my phone while we were riding ebikes and these are pictures Ethan took with his phone. The ebikes don't glow, but the flash from his phone makes it look like they do. Anyway, I realized somewhere during my ride that I lost my phone. So we backtracked to see if we could find it. We didn't spot it and no one Ethan asked had seen it either. So we went out for the planned ride and then went to lunch. 
     Ethan and I have almost never been on a date alone. We have had very few over our 20 years. It was great to go out riding and then go out to eat. We went to Bernie's and ate in the train car. We had giant prime rib and Ethan got compliments on his hair from old ladies. That was fun. 
     When we got home I used the find my iphone app to see if I could figure out where my phone was and we got the general area. Then Ethan said I should call it, so I did. And someone answered it. She said the phone had been turned in to the guard house at Look Park. I was amazed. 
     While yesterday was our anniversary, but we did our celebrating on Wednesday. Ethan already had the day off so it made more sense to switch our date day to Wednesday so only one of us had to take a day off. We had a good day celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and our 20 years together. I really liked the ebikes so we will need to do some more riding I think. I'm sure we have a lot more years together to make that happen. 


Sara Bowman said...

I love prime rib!! ������

Beth H said...

That photo of the ebikes is so cool - I'm rather disappointed they don't actually glow. Maybe someone should make some that do...:)

Lynn Isenbarger said...

Happiest of anniversaries and I wish you many, many more happy years together. <3

GJ Berg said...

Thank you to the honest, responsible person who returned your phone!

ShamrockFarmsInc. said...

Congratulations! :) Fun to hear about Hobbyist family and adventures. All of that sounds really cool and glad your phone was turned in!

Braymere said...

Congratulations, Anne and Ethan.