Saturday, September 28, 2019


     I love coffee. I really love ice coffee. I also really love cold brewed ice coffee. When Ethan was looking for ideas for our anniversary I told him I wanted a cold brew coffee maker. One of the teachers I worked with last year has one and he was telling me how great it is. So that was what I asked for. And that was what I got. I can now make a gallon of cold brew coffee all at one time. It is fairly simple, the most time consuming part is waiting for the water to filter through the Brita pitcher. And then I can drink multiple cups of coffee, for several days. before I need to make more. It's pretty great. 
     Ethan also got me some super fancy coffee to go with it. Because of the way the coffee is produced and what the company does, it apparently has a negative footprint. Which is pretty great because I help teach environmental science again this year and we all took a quiz on what our personal footprint is. Apparently if everyone lived the way I do we would need 3.5 Earths to support us all. Which is very surprising because I live really small, reuse things, recycle everything and so on. But I live in the USA (which apparently adds to your number of Earths... somehow), I drive an SUV and I eat a lot of meat. It's a small consolation that the average number of Earth's for the class was more around 5, but it's rough when you are doing so many things to try to take care of the Earth and it's still not enough. Well, the test doesn't take into account every single potential aspect, so maybe I am doing better than it shows. At the very least the coffee is really delicious. The coffee maker says to use 2-4 cups of ground coffee. I tried 2 to start for the first batch and it was super see-through, looked like weak tea. Even with that it had an amazing amount of flavor. So this time around I am making a batch with 3 cups. We'll see how that works out. I also had to order more coffee because a pound does not last that long.
     I have done zero doll work this week. It's been really nice actually. I went to the laundromat and read instead of working. Monday I don't actually remember what I did, but it was not work. Wednesday Ethan and I spent pretty much all day together. Thursday was open house. Yesterday I went to get my oil changed and they were super efficient. I could have come home and done at least a bit, but I did not. I read some, took a tiny nap, washed the dishes and worked on some emails. It has been really great not working on dolls. But TRXC is coming. I have 5 weeks to get sales stuff done. I also still have 5 dolls to go to get to 1300. And since I have done zero doll work, there is still time to enter my contest. 
    So remember, I am giving away a $100 gift certificate to someone, who will be randomly chosen. To enter you just need to comment on the blog. Any post, old or new, counts. Comments on the FB posts where I put the blog links do not count. The $100 can be used towards a doll or can be used for other items I make. The tiny catch is the winner will have to wait at least until the week after TRXC to get anything made. So I'll keep thinking of things to talk about, you guys keep reading and commenting and we'll all have a good time! At the rate I am (not) working, you probably have at least another two weeks to read and comment on posts. 


GJ Berg said...

Not a coffee drinker, but understand the addiction.

Brenda said...

I can’t drink coffee as it does bad things to me, but every now and then I smell one or I see a k-cup flavor that looks really good. Yes. I have a Keurig. That might sound strange for a person who can’t drink coffee, but I can drink tea and hot chocolate. :)