Saturday, September 14, 2019

Cool New Fabric and Pat's Doll

     I ordered some more custom printed fabric from Spoonflower and it finally came in the other day. I super love these! The really fun part for me is they are all stretch material. So my plan is to turn all of these into really cool breeches. I know people have noted the lack of purple fabrics in my fabric collection, so I made sure to order a purple one. I really want to get these all turned into breeches. Would it be weird if I owned 5 casual English dolls just so I could have breeches in each color?
     I finally got to work some more on Pat's doll that I have owed her since Breyerfest. When people are awesome enough to trade you cool stuff that can only be gotten at Breyerfest, and you can't attend yourself to buy it yourself, it's good not to leave them hanging for too long. I left Ethan a note to leave the dremel out for me, but he forgot. I get it, mornings are hard and I forget stuff all the time (even with all my notes, lol!) so I thought I would have to wait another day to finish the doll. There is a special bit of customization in the upper body of the doll but I needed to also dremel the legs. OR I could just switch out the un-customized legs for some already prepped Gracie legs. No one can see the legs under the breeches and boots anyway. 
     So even though I had some setbacks with this doll I did finally get her finished. It was actually kind of fun to make an upper level dressage doll that is exactly the same as most others but so very different at the same time. Changing the color of something can be really enjoyable. 
     Since my custom fabric came in I have a horseball rider to make. And I have to cut up a youth doll and put her back together again. I didn't have the dremel, so that didn't happen. But I have time. Wait, I might not have youth dolls. I should check on that. 

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