Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Jennifer Show Doll Spotting

     I've always gotten a kick out of seeing dolls I made out at shows. In person or in photos, there is just something about making something that people get to take out and enjoy that makes me really happy. This past weekend there were a variety of dolls, by many doll makers, out at The Jennifer Show. I did some Facebook stalking to find some of mine and asked I if I could share some. 

     This roadster doll was made this year for Jackie just after Breyerfest. 
photo by Jackie Rossi
     Link was made awhile back and was an entire series of posts. This was Jackie's parade entry. 
photo by Jackie Rossi
    I love that Jackie finds so many ways to use this doll! When I finished she said she would find lots of ways to use him. I should have known she would, Jackie is an incredibly creative performance shower. 
photo by Jackie Rossi

     Fabian loves all things side saddle and often shows entire divisions side saddle. It can be tricky to do. I know I did it at least once, and probably posted about it, but I have no idea where to look for that post. Anyway, Fabian has more than one side saddle doll, but still find multiple uses for the same one. 
photo by Fabian Rodriguez
I think versatility in a doll can be really fun. And often you are only limited by your imagination and ability to find documentation. Also, I adore this entry!

photo by Andrea Brygidyr
     I had a really good time looking through photos and finding dolls I have made. This Arabian rider was sort of recent, but the first doll I ever made was an Arabian rider, so they are always fun for me. 
photo by Andrea Brygidyr
     This western pleasure doll I made years ago, when I was doing a lot with making designs with printed fabric. Maybe I should do some more dolls in this style again. They can be really pretty and super realistic. This was another of Jackie's entries. 
photo by Andrea Brygidyr
     Jackie's showmanship doll was one I made about a 100 years ago. I'm sure not THAT long ago really, but she was definitely from way back. 
photo by Jackie Rossi
     I am about 95% sure I made this hunt seat rider and I know I made the casual rider leading the pony. She was a sales doll for TJS after all!
photo by Jackie Rossi
      Sometimes people let me sort of do whatever I want on a basic idea. Sometimes people have a very specific vision for their doll. Teresa was super specific about all the details for her cross country doll. I love artistic license but it's great that I can usually match what people are really after. It gets easier and easier the more dolls I make. 
photo by Teresa Buzzell
     I also get a huge kick out of photos of dolls hanging out at shows. I didn't make the maid doll (I love her though!) or the western pleasure doll, but the side saddle rider is one of mine. She seems to be having a nice time waiting for her class. 

photo by Andrea Brygidyr

    I didn't actually make either of Barb's driving dolls, but I absolutely LOVE this photo! The dolls are just watching everything that is going on at the show, and they have their little table of refreshments. Pictures like these remind me of the RXR (Region X Regionals) where everyone was playing with my sales dolls. There ended up being some really fun and funny photos from that weekend! There may also be a blog post about that somewhere. I might be wrong though.
photo by Barb Niesley DiAnnibella
     This photo of Liesl Dalpe judging the jumper/cross country class really summed up the level of competition at The Jennifer Show. Not only was that class in particular, but pretty much every entry could have placed well. She looks somewhat stricken by the enormity of her job.
photo by Elaine Lindelef

     So while I didn't get to attend The Jennifer Show, I did have a lot of fun looking at photos and getting to see some of my dolls in action. Maybe at TRXC I will try to get pics of my dolls that are out showing. And maybe I will have to do some fun set-ups on my show table while my dolls are waiting for their classes. 


timaru star ii said...

Jackie's palomino Matriarch (photo 8) is wearing one of my halters! With sapphires.

Field of Dolls Studio said...

Yay! Tack spotting!

Barb DiAnnibella said...

Love these doll posts! I have more fun with them in between classes than I do showing with them! Also, just to clarify, my name is Barb Niesley DiAnnibella, Barb Ness is a different (much more famous) person.

Field of Dolls Studio said...

Fixed! Sorry about that!

Mini Hoofbeats Studio said...

It is always fun seeing something you created; and to stand back and say, "I made that."