Friday, September 13, 2019

Dolls for The Jennifer Show

      On Monday I shipped a big box of dolls to Fabian and yesterday they made it to Colorado. I was relieved as shipping that much inventory makes me really nervous. But he has the dolls and tomorrow is the first day of The Jennifer Show! I am really excited even though I can't be there. Here is a mostly wordless preview of what will be available.
driving doll
saddle seat doll

saddle seat doll
dirty cowboy (blue shirt) and cowboy (brown shirt)

casual/working western

casual/working western and gaming doll

showmanship doll

Rainbow and turquoise and silver western pleasure dolls. 

Black and white and pink and black western pleasure dolls

Aqua and tan western pleasure. 

tie dye casual English, peacock western pleasure and purple and teal casual English. 

English youth doll

cross country doll

lower level dressage/jumper doll

side saddle doll

bendy neck hunt seat dolls. 

    So there are English dolls, Western dolls and some other types of dolls as well. I tried to send a bit of everything. In all I sent 23 dolls, 2 cross country kits, a pair of mens chinks, 2 pairs of ladies chaps, 10 saddle pads, 52 pairs of horse boots in several styles/sizes and 11 judges kits. 
     I'm sad that I can't be at the show in person but I am really grateful that Fabian offered to sell things for me. I hope everyone can find something they love. Happy shopping and happy showing!

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timaru star ii said...

I know which one I like! What you call gaming: blue and silver Western... I like the driving doll too. If they don't get sold - !! It's nice to really see these up close -- well, not the same as in person, but they're so personable and detailed. You're a mom many times over!