Sunday, September 8, 2019

Hunt Seat Dolls and Unicorn Hunting

     Friday I was really close to being done with these two hunt seat dolls. But I have found it's better to save the last few details of dolls for another day than to try to push through after it's time to be done working and maybe forget something. All I had left was trimming and painting helmets, heat bending some hands and putting buttons on the coats. But still, don't push it. 
     So yesterday morning I got started early and painted the helmets, bent the hands and got the buttons on the coats. Then I had a super fast photo shoot. Really, just these two photos so I know what I made and I have a visual that they are in fact bendy neck dolls. These two dolls just need to get tags on them and then I can wrap them with the others and get them packed up to ship to Fabian on Monday. I think I have 21 or 22 dolls going to The Jennifer Show and a handful of accessories. I really need to spend some time working on accessories before TRXC. I have lots of horse boots, but I don't send those out to make other people sell for me. That would be a lot ot keep track of!
     Another thing that happened yesterday was some unicorn hunting. I had a bunch of stuff I needed from Walmart so I figured I would check out the unicorns and see if they had any of the new series 2. They did, and I find I am still good feeling up blind bags to find what I want. I believe they did also have the draft and the Arab, but no Alboroso and no chase. So today I think we will go unicorn hunting again. Because I enjoy it. I don't even know why, I don't collect them. But I think I will try to find a full set and sell them as a set. I know there are people that want them that don't love the hunting. Win-win. I think I can check a different Walmart with a not-too-inconvenient trip to a Tractor Supply. I think that TSC has a different set all together. At least I feel like I have heard that. I am so out of the OF collecting loop. 
     That's the plan so far I think. I need to pack some dolls, put some more color in my hair, hunt some unicorns. And coffee, that needs to happen. At some point today I may also have time to take out my sewing machine and try it out. I really hope that it is super amazing to work with again. It has been so long since I got to use it. And the repairs actually cost more than the new machine. So I am hopeful that I don't have to be even more annoyed with Parsons. We'll see. 


pawprint said...

I think the chase piece in the new Walmart unicorn set is a mini-Magnolia (in rainbow colours) instead of the mini-Alborozo. There is an mini-Alborozo in the set, though.

timaru star ii said...

I have not been attracted to the SM unicorns, until now. Can't explain it. I guess it's in the same ballpark as not being able to explain why you were hunting unicorns and ice cream, instead of working.