Monday, September 16, 2019

Fabian is Amazing

      Several months ago Fabian Rodriguez offered to sell dolls for me at The Jennifer Show. I was really excited about that! I knew that going to TJS was not in the cards for me this year, but it would definitely be super cool to have stuff for sale where a lot of the best performance showers around would be gathering. I also think it's a great idea to move things to new locations when you can. I have done a ton of selling online, but until Jackie brought dolls to Breyerfest for me this year, the only way people could buy my dolls in person was at a show in Region X. 
Fabian's table (and Fabian) Photo by Darleen Stoddard
         Fabian sent me a couple of pictures of his table in the morning. I had to wait until mid-morning my time to get these. The time difference was super messing with me!
Photo by Fabian Rodriguez
     I kind of feel bad about all the space my stuff is taking up. But it looks fantastic! I didn't send all the horse boots to Kentucky, but when I mentioned them to Fabian he said I should send them. And they fit in the box so I did. I wonder if I should have sent doll stands. Though laid out dolls are easy to look at. 
Photo by Fabian Rodriguez
      I asked Fabian on Friday if he could send me pictures from TJS. Pictures of dolls, of people, of people with dolls. My FOMO and I need a bit of TJS to help survive the sadness of not being at the show. And Fabian delivered. I got doll photos and on Saturday morning I got some photos of people with their new dolls. 
Erica Ferguson and Andrea Brygidyr with their new dolls. 
      Even more than just having pics of people with their new dolls I got to see a piece of the joy of being at that show. It also made me realize that I really need to go outside of Region X and meet some new people. These days with all the new showers I don't even know all of the people in Region X (which is so weird!) but when I see photos from Breyerfest, from shows in other parts of the country, I realize I only know the tiniest fraction of the people in our amazing hobby. I definitely need to get out more. 
Beth Elliot and her new driving doll
     I didn't get to go to The Jennifer Show but my dolls did. Thank you Fabian for offering to sell dolls for me, it was an incredibly generous offer. Having a show/sale to prep for helps me to focus and stay productive, even when I am tired and unmotivated. So in a way Fabian also helped me with the rough time that is back-to-school and adjusting to waking up at dark O'clock. When I get the dolls back I may do a post offering them for sale, and I may just save them for TRXC, which is the next big thing I am prepping for. It's good to have focus. 
     It's interesting to note that Fabian and I have never officially met. He and I have become good friends over the years exclusively through texts and facebook messages. The first time I ever spoke to him face-to-face was for a few minutes during Breyerfest. He was hanging out with Heather and sent me pictures of the doll drawer, the line of people waiting to see dolls (I teared up a bit at that!) and an amazing picture of himself with a couple of the dolls. I facetimed him and we had our first chat with words. Some day I am going manage to get to Colorado and meet Fabian in person. And I definitely need a hug. 

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