Sunday, September 1, 2019

more work and using what you have

     Yesterday Travis and I did some more weeding in the long flowerbed. I swear, the weeds are endless. After we cleared out most of it we decided that was enough for one day. And later on Ethan just got the whole long bed with weed killer. We may be all set on that side of the house. Maybe. I’m sure we could go out every day and find something that needed doing.
       My original plan for supper yesterday was to make pork chops. Then I decided to make spaghetti. But I didn’t have any sauce. and I didn’t want to go to the store. So I looked around and decided to make an Alfredo. Use what you have, right? And I happened to have heavy cream and Parmesan. And butter of course. My sauce came out a bit thin, but it was tasty. This is the one I used. I added ground beef (use what you have) and broccoli. It was pretty great. 
       I managed to actually get some doll work done and finished up this saddle seat doll. I don’t own a Hamilton, but when I had one in my hand several of us went over what colors we thought would look really excellent with him. Hot pink and royal blue were at the top of the list. I really kind of wish I had a Hamilton to try this doll on.
      I have a couple more days of my 4 day weekend. I’m hoping to finish the other saddle seat doll, finish reading Death’s Acre and hopefully I can talk myself into weeding the last small flowerbed. Maybe. But if nothing else a couple more days of not having to get up at 5:00 will be pretty great.

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