Saturday, September 21, 2019

Doll Spotting In Elaine’s TJS Photos

       Elaine Lindelef took tons of photos at The Jennifer Show. She also said I could steal use any of them that I wanted for the blog. So I figured I would do some more doll spotting to see what I could find that I made and then look up when I made them. This should be fun! At least it might be more interesting than just looking at the same show photos again. I'm pretty sure at least a couple of these are repeats from other posts. 

This was doll #563 made in June 2013

Doll # 1260 made in July 2019

Ready for a super throwback? This is Jackie Rossi's doll. I made him in July of 2008. He was doll #52!

Doll #905 made in October of 2015

Doll #897 made in September of 2015 for Erin Corbett. I made the basic doll in black and Etin did the decorating. 

The cowboy doll is #875 made in July 2015. The cowgirl is #725 made in June 2014. They belong to Laura Skillern Sailor

The cowboy in plaid is #1164 made in August of 2018 and the Stan Lee cowboy on the horse is #942 made in November 2015 

Here is Erin Corbett setting up what I think is a rescue race entry. The tall on the tire swing is a doll (dressed to look like Stacy Westfall) which was made in June of 2009 for the cover of the July/August 2009 JAH
The other side of Erin's very cool entry. I didn't make the rider. 

Laura's cowgirl again

English dolls are hard to figure out. I know I made her but exactly when is a bit of mystery. 

Link was made for Jackie Rossi in March of 2019

Doll #1092 July 2017

Dressage dolls are tricky too. They don't have a lot to distinguish one from another  most of the time. 

The bendy cowboy is doll #1164 and was made August 2018

This doll is so new she doesn't have a number yet. She was made for the group of sales dolls for The Jennifer Show in August 2019

This is doll #972 made in March of 2016. I believe this doll belongs to Jackie Rossi

Jackie's Link doll again

The side saddle doll is #1263 and was made July 2019

This is Laura Skillern's new hunt seat doll. She is too new to have a number and was finished in September of 2019

This guy was made back in June of 2014 for Laura Skillern Sailor

This guy was made in August of 2016. Unless he has changed hands he belongs to Niki Hertzog. 

A really cool shot of Link

Doll #1077 made in May 2017 for Lauren Wood for the Breyer Custom Contest. This was my first vaulting doll. 

Jackie had a theme day. I love that her shirt matches Link's!

I know I made this side saddle lady for Fabian Rodriguez but I can't find her in my book! So what number she is is a mystery. She she is definitely done on the original Yvonne body. The cross cuntry kit was made after Breyerfest 2019. 

This little girl was made in January of 2016 and is owned by Christie Richardson

I finished this doll for Teresa Buzzell at the end of July 2019

This is such a cool and super clever entry that we should look at it from another angle. 
    I am probably going to do at least one more doll spotting at The Jennifer Show post, because I got permission to use a variety of other photos that I am also stealing taking from Facebook. After that I don't know that I will have anything left to say, since I sadly wasn't there. But we'll see. 
     I'm a little behind on getting doll photos printed and into my book of finished dolls. The last doll in the book is #1274 and I have... 20 more dolls to get into the book! I am so insanely close to 1300 finished dolls. Seems like a good time to do a drawing. I am not sure what I want it to be just yet but I think I will start the contest now. Every comment on the blog (old or new posts) will be one entry into the drawing. It has to be a comment on the blog, not on a Facebook post with the blog link. Oooh... maybe I will do a couple of prizes. Like grand prize and a runner up somewhat smaller prize. I'll have to think on it a bit more. Comments with prize suggestions are also welcome, lol! 


Notturna said...

I'll try and post my TJS photos on facebook tomorrow. Feel free to use them! xx Anne Sofia

Braymere said...

I am still editing photos, but I'll definitely have a few more for you. Your bikini doll made it into a few classes!

Donna G said...

OHHH, we love giveaways! What number is my little Pony Club Doll?

Field of Dolls Studio said...

Donna, she was in fact #1295!

Elaine said...
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Elaine said...

I love seeing the variety of dolls you've done and hearing what you thought about them when you made them. I find it astonishing that you've made so many! - Elaine Lindelef