Friday, September 6, 2019

New Tricks and Surprises in the Mail

     When I did my post about my new Singer Fashion Mate I mentioned that the only thing that it did that wasn't awesome was it would sometimes try to eat fabric if it was too close to the edge. I got a comment on the post link on my studio page on Facebook from Willow Northland to try putting a small piece of parchment paper under it so the needle hole is covered and there isn't space to suck in fabric. I tried it out and once in awhile it was tricky to get the paper to stay and get the pieces to stay together while keeping them on the paper, it didn't change anything in the sewing itself. Other than keeping the fabric out of the machine. 
      Willow assured me that it tears off easily and she was not wrong. This was a very easy fix to an ongoing problem I have had with sewing miniatures. I am really happy to have learned this. Thanks for the tip Willow!
      I got a surprise package from Vicky Norris. Since I mentioned all I had was a mini Starbucks drink and what I really needed was a mini Dunkin Donuts drink, she sent me a mini Dunkin Donuts drink! This was definitely a fun surprise to get!
     Since I didn't have any more books that I HAD to finish, I also managed to get a bit of doll work done. I finished up this bendy neck hunt seat doll. She was for an order and will be on her way home. I am hoping to get one or two more bendy neck hunt seat dolls finished to send off to Fabian to sell for me at the Jennifer show. I am quickly running out of working time. I MIGHT push my ship date to Monday, which would give me 3 more days to work on dolls and doll things. But we'll see. I definitely need to see what I can get done in the next day or two (or three).
     Trying to get anything done is hard because I am still super tired and haven't yet adjusted to having to get up at 5:00 again. I had to take a bit of a nap today before I got into dolling because I just couldn't function. I am looking forward to the weekend and sleeping late. Which might mean 7:00, lol. Those extra 2 hours sound amazing right now. 

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