Thursday, March 18, 2021

Field of Dolls Online (Spring 2021)


Field of Dolls Online Spring Show

Entry Form:

Entry opens: March 19, 2021

Entries close: April 10, 2021

Judging begins: April 11, 2021

Results: April 24, 2021. Results and door prize drawings will be (partially) live streamed and full results will be emailed to all entrants, available on the Field of Dolls Studio Blog, as well as on the Field of Dolls Online Show page on Facebook

Judges: Anne Field (Western, Regalia and Costume, Specialty/Scene) Jackie Rossi (Other Performance, English, Specialty/Scene)

Entry fee: $30 (Paypal:, please use goods and services)

Please make sure your address is correct in paypal. This is the address I will be shipping prizes to. It saves a ton of time. 

This show will be held on SmugMug. Login info will be emailed when you fill out your entry form. Please make sure the email you provide on your form works. The email with the login info will also act as the receipt of your entry. 


This show has 2 types of classes. A traditional class list and a specialty/creative entry class list. The traditional classes will be all finishes combined (because a good performance entry is a good performance entry). They will be single judged on real horse show rules. The specialty/scene classes will be double judged on concept and execution. Concept includes interpretation of the theme and overall creativity. Execution includes correctness of the entry and photo quality.


Champs, Reserves and winners of the specialty/scene classes will be featured on the Field of Dolls Studio blog.


Prizes: Miniatures for 1st-6th place in each regular class. Miniature rosettes for 1st-6th place in each specialty class. 

Champions: We are stepping away from the traditional way of doing champs for this show. Instead of the HORSE that has the most points it will be the SHOWER who has the most points. They will be calculated for every placing in both the traditional and specialty classes. We will name an overall champion, overall reserve champion and an additional top 5. Top prizes will get mini rosettes and a prize pack.

Realistic backgrounds are not required. But the background should not be distracting.

No class limits. Showers may enter as many pictures as they'd like, but individual models can only have one picture per class.

All entries should include a model horse.


Info to include on photo:

Model name



If you do not include this info your photo cannot be judged.


Please include a link to any documentation. It can be loaded in the documentation folder on Smug Mug or linked from an external site (for example, from imgur). If you do not have a link to your documentation on your entry it will be judged as an entry without documentation. 

Field of Dolls Class list Spring 2021

Other Performance

1. Pleasure and fine harness

2. Other harness

3. In-hand (lead-line, in-hand trail, lunging, etc)

4. Showmanship

5. Other Performance


Regalia and Costume

6. Native American Regalia

7. Arabian

8. Historical

9. Parade

10. Other costume




11. Stock work

12. Patterned Western (reining, Western Dressage, etc.)

13. Western Trail

14. Western Games

15. Other Western

16. Western Pleasure




17. over fences

18. Dressage

19. English Games

20. English Trail

21. Other English

22. Hunt seat pleasure




23. Weird Props

24. Hollywood

25. Summer Fun

26. Favorite holiday

27. April Fools!

28. Goals

29. Funny

30. Bad behavior

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