Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Police Dolls

     Remember how yesterday I said sometimes I think about not taking custom orders? If I closed my books I would never make dolls like these guys! unusual, elaborate dolls can be time consuming (these guys took a solid week+ on their own) but they definitely stretch my creativity and make me really think about all the little details. When Mary ordered the police rider and drum rider dolls I started doing what I always do; breaking them down into pieces and thinking how they would go together. In all honestly their basic outfits are not unusual (many custom dolls need new patterns, these didn't). The police rider is wearing a button down shirt, breeches, and tall boots. The drum rider is wearing breeches, a shirt and tie, and basically a hunt coat. The thing that changes them from those basic dolls (and takes so much time) is adding all of the little details that change them from the basic dolls into the specialized dolls that they are. 
     Mary sent me a whole bunch of reference photos to work from. I found her 2 different doll heads so she didn't end up with twins, and I got to work on them. Maire cleaned up the patches on her computer (this is a thing I don't know how to do), sized them, and sent me a PDF of them. I then printed them on fabric and actually turned them into patches (basically I cover the back of the fabric with glue and let it dry. Then I cut the pieces out without them fraying). While checking and rechecking the reference I added the different details. These guys went through several ugly staged where I knew I had to just keep going! And eventually they came together. 
    Mary wanted a couple of removable things for her police rider, one of them being his duty belt. So I googled those, found as many good references as I could (did you know you can buy those on Amazon???) and I made a basic duty belt. He "only" has a holster, with gun, walkie talkie, and handcuffs, but I think he looks pretty good! 
     Even after all these details these dolls needed a few more things to be totally finished. But we can talk about those tomorrow. 



Danielle Feldman said...

Specialty dolls are so fun. These are turning out great!

timaru star ii said...

Just last night I was looking at/dusting off my Police Quartersheet. It was a gift from Timber Trails (Kathy Wood). Neon green with words and reflective stripes: "To Protect & Serve."