Friday, March 29, 2019


     Today I turned 40.  I am actually really happy about that. I have heard so many good things about the 40's from friends who have gone there before me. Plus, I really LOVE my birthday! I am a weird mix of little kid and grown-ass adult. I love my birthday but my wishes for my birthday are fairly simple. I want everyone to know it's my birthday and to say happy birthday to me. I also want everyone to be nice to me or nice around me. And I want cake. That is basically what I want. And for my birthday I got all of that and so much more. I am feeling really spoiled today.
     So last night I made the cake that I had searched for for such a long time. It is a chocolate cake made with coconut flour. 
     I made the cake yesterday afternoon after I made the bread. I let it cool, but apparently not quite long enough. When I took it out of the pan some of it got left behind and I had to glue it back in with frosting. Whatever, more frosting. Which by the way is a very nice peanut butter frosting. It was really soft when I put it on the cake and I was not sure how well, or if, it would set up. Regular frosting with sugar in it does but low carb frosting is different and doesn't always work that way. But anyway, cake.
    So I got to school this morning and my friend Nicole was getting there at the same time. That never happens. She said she had to get there early enough to catch me walking by her classroom. Because I walk all over the school every morning. So I went to her class and she gave me some really fun gifts. There was this awesome unicorn sleep mask. Which I said was for those times you absolutely needed to sleep in school. 
    In case you can't read it it says "Unicorns are just horses that are ready to party". Which is awesome. Plus I needed a new sleep mask. And now I have one with unicorns on it!
    There were several other things but I needed to share the cake she got me. Because of course I can't have real cake, but she knows I love miniatures, erasers... and cake! These are fantastic.
     I went and walked around a bit and mostly visited people. Jenn, Heather and Laura gave me a card with some scratch tickets in it. I didn't win, so I guess I have to keep working. I asked Angelique to take my picture. For years I dreaded having my picture taken, and now I really love it. I guess that might make me a bit vain but I have worked very hard to lose the weight I have lost and to get as fit as I have managed so far. And I think I am a little afraid it's not real or that it will go away. So pictures. Angelique also gave me some pink mums I am going to figure out if I can plant them. I think all the flowers in my flower garden are dead. Or summer flowers. I don't know. I mostly kill plants. Even though I try to keep them alive. I am just bad at it. 
     So I had a really nice day at school and everyone was nice and pleasant all day. A ton of people said happy birthday and I got to see some of my favorite people. I just remembered my sister sent me a video of her second block class (she is a teacher in North Carolina) singing happy birthday for me. I was in a Spanish class where they were taking a quiz when the video came in. I still need to watch that. 
    When I got home Ethan met me at the door with the pinkest roses I have ever seen! They are beautiful and I love them! They really are the pinkest ever. 
     There were the roses and a set of paint brushes I wanted and when I thought it was done he would go down the hall and come back with another. It happened several times!

     Then he came back with a gift that he said that he wrapped himself and was going to be a bit of a challenge. Yes. Yes it was. That is red duct tape on that box. It was actually kind of fun to open, being somewhat like a puzzle. I guess I could have gotten scissors and just cut into it, but finding the ends was more fun. This box contained an empanada press (yes! Those are coming soon!) and a cooking from The Hungry Elephant. Sadly there is a disclaimer in the front of the book that the recipes in there cannot be shared anywhere. But the vanilla pancakes that are on her website are in there. So if I make things I will see if I can link them that way. 

     Anyway, my friends at school spoiled me, Ethan spoiled the crap out of me, Elecktra came over and brought me more paintbrushes and a couple of other things. Then Ethan told me that I should get Travis something to eat because he was going to go hang out with a friend of ours so we could go out to dinner alone. What? Like a date? That almost never happens! But it did today. We went to the 99 and ate prime rib and then went and took the River Walk near the Ludlow Mills. I have never been back there and had no idea that was there. It's kind of nice. 
    So I really had a fantastic birthday and there were friends and gifts and cake. There was also cake. And so far I am really loving being 40.

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timaru star ii said...

That is a cake I wouldn't mind having myself. Congratulations on finding your dream come true!