Saturday, March 23, 2019

Upper Level Dressage Rider

    I mentioned recently that I have made quite a few upper level dressage dolls this year. I am not really sure why they are so popular all of a sudden, but they are fun to make. One of the ones I sold earlier this year was to Christine Böhm from Germany. Thank you to Wendy Coady for teaching me how to put the accent in Christine's name. 
    A few days ago Christine sent me these photos and has given permission for me to share some. She painted all the horses herself. I especially love these first two photos of the chestnut in the sun. Gorgeous horse!

   I love getting customer photos and will be happy to share them here (always with permission) when I get more. I know I have some from years ago but I don't know what I have already shared and what I have not.
      Thank you again Christine for the photos of your beautiful horses and allowing me to share them.

    I should have a new low carb recipe to share soon. We're also getting close to my birthday so I really need to hurry up and settle on what cake to make. Though I do think I have that basically decided and worked out. I just need to sift through all the Pinterest recipes again to find the exact one and the frosting one. I also need to make sure I have the ingredients. I am really looking forward to cake!


Wendy Coady said...

If you use an iPad or iPhone to write your blog, hold down the letter and an array of choices should appear. (Õøōœòôöó). If you’re on a PC, I don’t have a clue, sorry.

Field of Dolls Studio said...

Thanks! I can edit that bit on my iphone. I hope...