Wednesday, March 13, 2019

SNEWRU part 3. OF English

    The second division on OF performance day was the English division. I had a plan for the day but only a handful of little extra details to add to my entries. And no new entries. But I have only shown Bring the Mayhem once before so everything with him is at least somewhat new. His tack is by Jennifer Buxton and the new awesome saddle pad was made by StudioMaire.
    The first entry of the division for me was English games. I would love to have a more interesting game for my cantering horses, but I often end up doing the housewife scurry. It is not a complex game to set up but I make sure to pay attention to the details. The documentation says that the order of the vegetables you put into the buck bucket are; potato, apple, orange and then carrot. I have the first 3 in the bucket and the carrot in the doll's hand. I usually try to have her leaning further out and reaching towards the barrel. It didn't work out quite as well this time. But it was still worth 2nd place.
    My jumper entry is one I really like. I made the rose jumper jump that I use and all of the flower pots. I am planning on doing a post about details and I will make sure to put more photos of the jump. I got a couple of really nice ones.
     Bring the Mayhem got 2nd in jumper. Originally the class was hunter/jumper but it did end up getting split out. I was very pleased with my performance so far.
     The next class was huntseat pleasure. Bring the Mayhem got 6th place in this class. Not the best performance but there are definitely models that are better suited for pleasure classes. But maybe Bring the Mayhem may do better on another day.
    The next class was arena trail. I am particular about my documentation and I like to make sure that I for English it says trot/canter instead of jog/lope. It is sometimes hard to find since most documentation I find is made for Western. Maybe I just don't know the best places to look. My box entry was not super interesting and the judge thought the box might be a bit small for the canter. But 4th is better than no placing.
     The next class of the day was Other English and I decided to do a versatility entry. I actually really like that entry because I took the photos for my documentation myself. The way I set it up I also wanted to make sure I had certain details down. Which is why Bring the Mayhem is in English tack and I used a western doll. The way the class was where I took the photos they started in Western and then switched to English tack. The rider took off her chaps and rode that way.
    One of the details I added this time around was having the doll holding some chaps. She is also holding the western bridle and the western saddle is on the ground next to her. she has a grooming tote and some fly spray as well. It was a fun entry to set up and even though it didn't place at all I enjoyed setting it up and I was pleased to have added the extra details.
    The last English class was dressage. I think I was tired or rushed and I only got this one photo. I did switch the entry number from the doll's back to the horse's bridle. This is the new dressage rail set I got from Enterprise props and I like it. I have some lobster trap style ones that I like more, but these are good as an extra set in case I have two dressage entries to show at once. I have a corner stand as well so I have some options of how to set them up. Bring the Mayhem managed 2nd place in dressage.
    I didn't remember to get a photo of the callbacks but that's OK. Bring the Mayhem didn't get champ or reserve. I was still having fun and looking forward to the western classes. The show was running a bit long and I was getting hungry so I had to run out to the grocery store to get the foods I had in my eating plan. It was a good thing I had already done my tack change for Western. But I'll talk more about that tomorrow.

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