Sunday, March 10, 2019

SNEWRU part 1

    Yesterday was day one of SNEWRU aka OF performance day. I know there was halter stuff too but honestly I didn't even look at the class list. Since it is currently just after 6:00 and I had to set the clocks ahead last night, this will be a short post.
    Liesl came to the show yesterday, which was fantastic, it's been awhile. During the set-up of the showmanship class Larry asked us to tweak things. The chain on that halter needed to be shortened so the tools came out. What better time to do tack alterations than when the entry is on the show table?
    This picture could have been even more typical of a lot of performance entries if someone else had taken it. All 3 of us were fiddling, tweaking and adjusting things. Sometimes it takes a village. I really wish I had the win photo to go with this group. The first place ribbon would have make it even better.

    Speaking of ribbons, Hugh Can Do It got 5th in the NaMoPaiMo class! If I counted correctly (I think I did...) there were 10 horses in the class. I have never been so thrilled with a 5th place ribbon in my life. The way we do the NaMoPaiMo class at SNEWRU is by vote. So a bunch of people voted for Hugh as one of their favorites! I am super thrilled to have gotten any votes at all. 
    I brought the real camera to the show yesterday so most of the pictures are on there and I don't have time to upload them. The show went a bit late and I got home a bit after my bedtime (I go to bed at 9:00, lol). But I am up and mostly ready for another day of showing! Today is Custom Performance day! Mocha Latte and Halestorm are going to see what they can do. Bring the Mayhem did a nice job yesterday. There will end up being multiple posts on SNEWRU.  For now though I need to go pack a lunch and get myself together. I'll leave you with this photo of Bring the Mayhem modeling one of my new saddle pads from StudioMaire. She will be at the show today!

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