Sunday, March 3, 2019

Sunday Struggles

    There are days when I have lots of energy and get so many things done. Today was not one of those days. I have definitely had worse and lazier days but today was a struggle. This morning it took me until about 11:30 to talk myself into working out. I didn't get much done before that. Well, that is not entirely true. I did go through my binder of low carb recipes and I pulled out things that I knew I was never going to make, things that were too complex or complicated or things that were duplicates, or near duplicates, of other recipes. When I put in the chicken parm recipe I realized I already had the exact same recipe in the binder. From the same website and everything. 
    Speaking of chicken parm, this was what I made last night. It was incredibly good and Ethan said that it is the closest to the real thing of any of the substitutes we have tried so far. I agree. But honestly, the only difference between this and the real thing is pork rinds instead of traditional breading. So I guess it makes sense that it is nearly identical. Ethan has now issued me a challenge to find a good bread alternative to make chicken parm grinders. Challenge accepted!
    It was definitely useful to go through the binder. Some of the recipes I have tried and were not fantastic and I have found plenty of fantastic recipes so I have no need to repeat the mediocre stuff. I don't need 4 different recipes for cloud bread. I don't need super complex recipes packed full of expensive and exotic ingredients. Keto food doesn't need to be super hard to make or have a million things in it. So the binder is less stuffed but still full enough I feel I need a table of contents and not just sections. But that is a project for another day.
    After we got back from some grocery shopping I got out the dremel and prepped 11 dolls. It's useful to have a bag of ready-to-dress dolls on hand. It's not much harder to dremel 11 dolls than 1. Getting everything out and set up takes the most time after all. So I spent a bit of time in the driveway getting dolls prepped. Partially in anticipation of the storm that is coming tonight. As you can see in the doll pics below, the sky was nice and blue. Now it's clouded up and looks like the snow may start any time now. It's crazy how fast the storms come in. Anyway, we are expecting 5-8 inches of snow last I checked so I am sure I will have a delay at the very least and potentially no school at all. I am OK with no school. Not that I want the year to go longer, but I could use another full day to stay home and work on dolls. My show is coming up fast.
     I was out getting some photos of the dolls I finished this week and I decided I would list them on Model Horse Place. I really do like that site and I think we in the model horse hobby can do great things with it. So I plan on continuing to list in it and spread the word about it. It really is a fantastic site from what I can see. I bought a tack set yesterday and it was super easy. I listed a bunch of stuff today and that was easy too. A nice bonus is it has a "list similar item" feature like etsy has. Oh and speaking of etsy, I forgot I had a youth doll listed for sale in there and it sold this morning. That was the doll I was going to remake into my western doll. Oops. So now I need to fully make a western youth doll. Etsy also took a fee on the sale, a fee on the transaction and a fee on the shipping. All together it was quite steep. So I deactivated everything that was still in the store and soon I will get all my stuff listed on Model Horse Place. For now I have a handful of things, including these two new dolls, but I plan on getting more in my Model Horse Place store soon.
     So I'm bad and I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow. If I get one and Travis gets a delay I think he gets to stay home too. It is a ton of driving to bring him back and forth since his school is not super close. So we'll see. It's not even snowing yet. But I am hoping I get to stay home. So many things I can get done in preparation for the show next weekend.
    Now I am going to go and make some low carb beef stroganoff. I hope it is wonderful. I'll let you know how it turns out and, as usual, I will share the recipe and my thoughts on it.

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