Wednesday, March 20, 2019

SNEWRU part 8. Detail shots

    I love miniatures. I always have. Not just model horses, but anything that is tiny and detailed and looks realistic, just in a smaller scale. I have taken lots and lots of horse show photos over the years but have never tried to hard to get the details. Sue Bensema Young asked for more detail pictures. And I thought that was a fantastic idea!
    This first one is my Parade set made by Wendy Ward. I sold my parade doll and forgot to make another one so I used one of my western pleasure dolls in the entry. I actually made this doll in 2014 I think. Maybe earlier. She was done on the original Yvonne doll and is still one of my favorite dolls. 
    Next we had a closer look at my vaulting doll. Technically I could show this entry without the doll, but what would be the fun in that? So I really did make this doll just for this one entry. But when you are a doll maker you can do things like that sometimes. When I first made her I spent probably an hour looking at reference pics of vaulting and trying out different ways to put the doll on the horse. This was the position I found that allowed her to stay put and people around her could breathe without her falling over. So that was the reference photo I used on her documentation. Which has the added bonus of reminding me how to put her on the horse. 
    Here's a closer look at her bridle As with all of Jennifer's tack this is lovely.
     The tiny crates from Enterprise props are just so cute and detailed. They are also perfect to hold the little toys for the therapeutic riding test entry.
     I have bought or traded for a lot of my props and most of my tack, but I did make my rose jump. My friend Joan and I actually started these as a project together. She had the garden arches and so did I. Then we went in totally different directions with them.
    Once at a show I forgot my jump flags and my friend Marisa, who was judging, threatened me (jokingly) so I would never forget my jump flags again. I have not forgotten my flags ever again, lol! I have them sticky waxed to the jump but I do also always check for them. So I decorated the arches with vines and roses, made the stone wall parts on the bases, and I painted and filled all the flower pots. I do love this jump. 
Bring the Mayhem in the housewife scurry. I made the vegetables for this entry. 
   My Elecktra doll holding some chaps. They are actually cutting chaps that I folded to look more like pleasure chaps. 
    Cowboy curtain.

 I made nearly everything in this scene. I built the picnic table,
sculpted all the miniature food,
I printed out food wrappers and candy wrappers and made all the trash.
    And I definitely added details. And the dolls, I made those too. 
I forgot to open the donut box, but there are donuts in there. 
    Another look at my vaulting doll. 
And the little crate and toys. 
A fun view of the therapeutic riding entry. I actually really like this photo. 
And another. 
I made all the little candy that I use for the candy race. I might make more one of these days. 
   A nice, close view of a lovely bridle by Jennifer Buxton. 
And awesome pink flame bell boots by Darleen Stoddard. 
And the last, a very nicely put together western entry with plenty of pink.
Well that's it for the SNEWRU show reports. I hope you enjoyed them! I have some food posts and interesting doll things coming up. I have a very interesting doll project in the works, though I can't share the details just yet. I promise when I can, I will, and it will be awesome!

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