Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Little Leggs

    Since NaMoPaiMo this year I have had a small obsession with buying mini models (lol, small...) In the last several weeks I have bought four micros and three stablemate scale models. I can't help it, I was super proud of myself for finishing Hugh and doing a nice job and I want to do more. So when I saw this Little Leggs by Liesl Dalpe I knew I had to get one of those as well. I nearly ordered two...
    I got the original walking Leggs model when Liesl first came out with her. Caramel Latte has been an amazing performance horse. When I had the option to buy Mocha Latte, who is actually artist proof #1 of Liesl's Loping Leggs, I jumped on that as well. Those two models have been two of my favorite performance horses. 
    Little Leggs is similar to Loping Leggs in some ways but different in many others. Little Leggs is a he and has been made more muscular and masculine. He has a new mane and tail as well. Plus of course he's a mini. I can't wait to get this little guy in hand and paint him!
    I think the preorder period for Little Leggs has passed but check back for when he is available again. He's am amazing looking little horse and I'm sure he'll be great for halter and mini performance as well. My big Loping Leggs has been a great performance horse after all.
    So now I have four micros, four stablemate scale resins and an OF fixing project that will also be for painting, maybe I should start getting some prepping done and get some paint on some of these models...
    In other news, I finished the side saddle doll. She sits very nicely on a regular English saddle on a saddle stand. I imagine she will be great in a side saddle. On a horse. Hopefully I will get to see some pics, or better yet, see her in action in person!

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