Thursday, March 7, 2019

Halestorm is Ready for Western

    USPS is messing with me, again, and is not delivering packages when they are supposed to. Or more correctly, when they say they are going to. The western set I bought from Erika Ipes on Model Horse Place was supposed to get here yesterday but it sat in the bulk mail center for an extra day for no particular reason. But it is here now and because Erika shipped it so quickly I have it in time for the show this weekend. And it really looks amazing! Not only does it fit Halestorm perfectly but it is really incredibly tack. It is exactly what I have been looking for for years. And I am happy to report that the doll I made for her also fits in the saddle very nicely. So now Halestorm is all set and ready for western.
    I was tracking my props that are on the way today and they are also delayed. But I have no idea where they are. USPS just says they are delayed but they are still on their way. So the new delivery date is tomorrow. We'll see. I can get away with them arriving on Saturday since I don't necessarily need them until AR/CM performance day, which is on Sunday. But I would rather have them arrive tomorrow so I know they will be here. I have heard nothing more from the artist on my other props. I am pretty sure I am not getting them. Again.
    So I have a big to-do list for tomorrow so, hopefully, I don't forget any of the last minute things I need to do to get ready for the show weekend. I took the day off from work so I will have many extra hours to get things done. But I need to finish a doll, finish the chaps and chinks I have been working on, tack up horses, pack all my show stuff, pack all my sales stuff, print out some new documentation, clean my house, go to Joann's and get more Velcro (I think) and potentially finish a halter for Halestorm. And I may have missed something that I just totally forgot to write down. I did get one doll I was working on finished today and I have a start on the showmanship halter for Halestorm. But I have a lot more to do on it.
    No interesting food to post about today. Though Ethan tried the weird flat hot dog rolls today. He agrees with me that they are OK but not great. So basically unless you like weird, dense, salty just OK bread, you can probably skip that recipe. I'm making chicken casserole with green chiles tomorrow. I'll let you know if it turns out well and is worth trying. 
    OK, off to try to finish Halestorm's halter and get something else knocked off my to-do list! Only one day left until the shows!

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