Monday, July 29, 2019

Breyerfest Dolls and Accessories

     Ready? I picked up the dolls and doll accessories that were left from Breyerfest and I figured I would bring them out and do a quick and dirty photo shoot. No glamor shots (let's be honest, I almost never take nice photos, lol) but almost all the dolls are at least on a horse. He needs to be painted but that hasn't happened yet. I am thinking of doing that myself. I don't even know if I can paint that big. But maybe I will find out. Anyway, all of the male bodies are on the Type S male doll that may have a different name now. It is a Mego style body but with good joints. The ladies are mostly on dolls from KC's Galloping Gals. There is the Gracie doll (tanned skin tone) and the Quinn doll (pale skin tone). A few of them are Yvonne bodies but with the upper portion being from a Gracie with a Gracie head. I don't know which have the Yvonne bodies, I don't remember. So I will give a quick description of each of the dolls, the price and if anyone wants anything, send me an email: Shipping is $10 on dolls (up to 3) and the small stuff can ship for $3
Gracie body western pleasure doll. Dark brown hair, aqua shirt with tan chaps. $200

Cross country rider. Quinn body, dark brown hair. Red vest, watch and armband.  $200

Mens chinks. Brown with caramel yoke(SOLD) or sand with dark brown yoke. $30 each

Hut seat rider, Gracie body with dark brown hair. Pink shirt, black coat. $200

Cowboy #1 SOLD
Cowboy #1 SOLD Cowboy #2. brown shirt, bearded head, removable cutting chaps. comes with choice of black or white hat (I accidentally left that at home for Breyerfest. Oops) $200
Cowboy#3 red plaid shirt, no beard, removable cutting chaps. $200

Saddle seat rider. Has removable coat so she can do in-hand showing. Blond hair, done on the Gracie body. $200
Casual/working western lady. Quinn body with light reddish brown hair. Green shirt and removable cutting chaps. $200

A variety of saddle pads. Some super cute custom printed fabrics! $15 each 

Youth hunt seat doll. White shirt, navy coat, red hair. $200

Cross country kits. includes vest with attached pinny, armband and stopwatch. $30 each. Pink is SOLD

Lower level dressage/jumper doll. Navy coat. Gracie body with dark brown hair. SOLD
Cross country rider. Gracie body with ginger hair. Black vest, watch, armband. SOLD

Ladies cutting chaps; black, sand with black yoke, sand with dark brown yoke, dark brown with sand yoke. $30 each

Lower level dressage/jumper doll. Black coat, done on the Gracie body with ginger hair. $200

Dirty working cowboys. Both have worn jeans and dirt/dust stains on everything they are wearing. Cowboy #1 has no beard and removable cutting chaps. Cowboy #2 has a beard and removable chinks. $200 each. 

Royal blue Western pleasure rider. Gracie body with dark brown (maybe black) hair. SOLD

Side saddle rider. Can even sit side saddle bareback! Quinn body, has a black habit and brown gloves. 

mens cutting chaps. Black, tan with caramel yoke, dark brown with black yoke. $30 each Black and brown are SOLD.

Casual/working western lady. Gracie body with blond hair. Pink plaid shirt with removable dark brown cutting chaps. $200

Doll sized tote bags. I made a whole bunch of these years ago. I hope you get the reference on these. These are free with any purchase from this post, just tell me which you want!
     Hopefully you made it this far and found something that interests you. If not, my books are always open for custom orders and I can't always think of something random I want to make. Just let me know what you need. 

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