Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Shiny Boots

     Like pretty much every artist or crafter in the history of artists and crafters, I collect materials for projects. Most of us do it, we get an idea for a new project or see a new material/color that we like and we just HAVE to buy it. Of course we have every intention of using the stuff, but intentions don't actually get the projects done. Last week I bought a variety of new material for doll making and got a couple pieces that I thought would be cool on the horse boots. And then everything sat in the bag on my kitchen table. You got it, I didn't even put it away! But I did actually have the intention of doing something with the stuff I got. 
    So this morning I woke up 45 minutes before I needed to get up and I didn't feel like working on a doll just yet. I decided, since the material was staring me in the face, it might be time to make some horse boots. So I got a few pairs made from the cool iridescent blue that I bought. But since this took longer than 45 minutes, and I was up extra early today, I was too tired to make any more. So what I ended up with was a pair of splint boots, fetlock boots and skid boots. I was going to also make a pair of open front boots and pony sized skid boots, but that just didn't happen. Maybe later. Maybe in a week, who can tell. But I like how this stuff looks and I think this color is a fun addition to the boot lineup. 
     I'll admit, part of the reason I talked myself into making the boots was so I had something to talk about today. I have managed a post every single day in July so far. I don't think I have managed that any other month so far. So I really wanted to keep it up. I am hoping to find some motivation to work on a doll later, and Elecktra is coming over, so maybe I will end up with something to talk about tomorrow. Or maybe I will just start rambling. 


ShamrockFarmsInc. said...

LOVE! Keep creating and posting! I find myself doing similar in terms of materials and creating/projects to write about...
Are those boots formed, like foam? Very nice details and color!

Field of Dolls Studio said...

The base of the boots are pleather. The colored parts are usually vinyl but this stuff is some kind of costume fabric. I am so bad at checking what kind of fabric I am buying! I just go to the store and touch things :)