Tuesday, July 16, 2019

I have amazing willpower. I may have also eaten ice cream for lunch

     I took a mini-road trip by myself yesterday while Travis was in school. I went back out to Brimfield to help my aunts pack up their flea market tent. But either I was in the wrong place or they were not there. Either way, I could not find them. So I headed to the grocery store to see about getting ice cream, since I was already way out there and close to Sturbridge. Before I got there though, I stopped at Cracker Barrel. I wanted to see if they had any of the blind bag stablemates. I have never seen them there, though other people have gotten them from that particular store. Maybe I just don't know where to look. Anyway, while I was searching for stablemates I saw this super adorable giraffe. I wanted him because he was so cute. But I told myself I really don't need a $15 stuffed giraffe and I am trying to downsize the amount of useless stuff I own, not add to it. So the giraffe stayed at Cracker Barrel and the location of the stablemates is still a mystery.
    Then I headed down the street to the grocery store to get a few things and see if they had ice cream. I am fully aware that the amount of ice cream I buy all at one time may look like a lack in self control, but I assure you, it is not. That is sound financial planning. This is the greatest sugar-free ice cream I have ever eaten. It doesn't have artificial sweeteners in it either. The closest place to buy it is about 40 minutes away. When I go to buy ice cream, I stock up. Now we should be set for awhile. I may have also gotten home and eaten some for lunch. That is also not a lack of willpower, it was part of my plan from the moment I bought the ice cream.
     I got into some more work on the unusual doll. The dangly things need to be gold and I only had silver ones so that is what I was using. I figured I could paint them. I was wrong. But they do take gesso and gesso takes paint, so eventually I will get there. I do need to go out and buy more gold fabric paint. Mine is so old it doesn't want to be paint anymore.
    In between fighting with my gold paint I finished up the two little bit dolls. One is a driving doll that I just needed to do new hair on, a driving apron and a helmet and then the other is a showmanship doll that was a western pleasure doll. Or maybe a working western doll. Anyway, she had molded on chaps and needed to be a showmanship doll so now she is. I need to acquire more little bit sized hats. I made the helmet out of pleather but the hat I had to buy a set to get. 
    In other news, when I got Travis off the bus the monitor asked if I was all dolled up to go somewhere. I was very confused since I looked like this at the time. And yes, I was going to go to the arcade with Travis. Anyway, I don't see what she was seeing, lol. Maybe the super messy bun and the $3 tank top looked fancy?
    After I got Travis and we did some errands I did a bit more work on the armor and the dangly things. I think they are officially done now. I really need to do some sewing so I can start assembling this doll. I still have that step, painting the face, and I need to make a short sword and shield. But progress is being made! Hopefully I can keep this up and finish up some more things this week. I still have several projects in the works and several that I need to get started on.

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timaru star ii said...

Congratulations on doing the right thing with the giraffe, although I do understand that must have been tough.