Tuesday, July 9, 2019

No dolls. Still working

     After working on dolls 12-16 hours a day for 2 weeks straight I feel I need to take a doll break. At least a bit of one. It has actually been sort of challenging to do that. I got into a really good work groove and it didn't bother me to be doing something doll related all the time. But for my mental health, I figured I should take at least a bit of a doll break. So I have been doing other things. I added some blue to my hair, which seems to be showing up more than it ever has before. Though this picture does make me look like I have a ton of gray hair. I have strands of gray, but not like what this looks like. Anyway, sooner or later I will put more pink in and then more purple at the ends. I do like my fun (and super easy) unicorn hair. I really do recommend Overtone conditioner to anyone that wants to have fun colors in their hair. It's faster than dyes and I think it lasts a lot longer. The pink in my hair is easily a month old, maybe older. 
     We are also getting back into tag sale season. For anyone who still does not know what a tag sale is (since it's a regional term) it's a yard sale, rummage sale... and I can't think of any other names for it at the moment. I do enjoy that there are so many different names for the same thing. Anyway, yesterday was jewelry sorting. I have, over the years, gotten a lot of costume jewelry and these days I wear very little of the jewelry that I own. I also acquired a bunch more at the end of the school year when we had a clothing swap at school. I unloaded a lot of the clothes I am too small for now and got some new stuff. Yesterday was about untangling all the jewelry and putting the clothing back on hangers and prices on everything. I finally put the jewelry in little bags so it won't get tangled anymore. Last year I spent a ton of time at the beginning of every tag sale trying to take things out of the spaghetti mess they were in. So much time wasted.  
     Yesterday we had some more really gorgeous weather. I spent a lot of time out in the yard working on the tag sale stuff. The rest of this week I need to see if I can think of anywhere else in the house that I haven't looked for things we don't use or need. Time to purge! We do still have boxes of stuff from last year, but I am sure there is also more. There is always more. It's amazing how little you actually need. Or use.
     I have not done any doll work since Thursday. Wait, I made some boots on Friday, but that was not a lot of work (18 minutes roughly, lol). I was sort of thinking about taking a week off from dolls, but I don't think I can make it. I have to do the laundry today, which usually means some sort of doll project in the laundromat. It just occurred to me to check and see if there is a new Mares in Black episode. And there is! Episode #17 is up. So that means I have something to listen to while I work. I think I will work on hairing some doll heads today. I have a very interesting specialty doll I need to work on and some really tiny dolls as well. I may work on more heads than just those. We'll see. I should also sometime this week work on prepping more things (sewing clothes and so on) so I have some doll things I can work on on Saturday during the tag sale. It makes the day less boring when I have something to do.

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