Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Puppy Love

       Today I went to hang out with my friend Angelique. Her dog, Pebbles, decided that I was totally neglecting her and buried her head in my lap. That was fine with me, it’s been a long time since I got any puppy love. 
     Plus, Pebbles was keeping me warm. The temperature was at least 25 degrees lower today than it was 2 days ago. And I was super cold.
     Isn’t she cute? Angelique has another dog, Josie. Today was his 3rd gotcha day. And he hid under the bed. I have been over there a bunch and Josie has only brushed against me once. Maybe a few more visits and he might decide I am not so terrifying. I told him I don’t eat dogs. He doesn’t seem to believe me.
     The last 2 days it was cooler and less sweaty weather than it has been. I should have been more motivated to do things, but working has been a struggle. I did finally get some sewing done.
     And I managed to get a couple of cross country kits done.  I was not super productive today, but at least I got a couple of things done. Hopefully I can make a bit more progress tomorrow. I think Elecktra is coming over and I have to go out and meet my aunts to pick something up, but I probably have some time to do a bit of doll work. I have to get my butt moving on Jackie’s doll after all.

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