Thursday, July 18, 2019

This is a doll I wanted to make for awhile. So glad I got the chance.

    Way back at the end of April I got a message from Gail Berg asking if I was up for a challenge, that had no deadline. I usually am up for a challenge so I asked what she had in mind. Gail had been watching and episode of PBS' American Masters on Birgit Nilsson, a Swedish Opera Diva. One of Birgit's main characters was Brunnhilde the Valkyrie. I have been wanting to make a Valkyrie for awhile, so I said I would be glad to take on the project. I had a variety of reference pics I was working from, and Gail and I discussed what she wanted for her doll. It was definitely an interesting project. 
     I have posted a few of the in-process pics on Instagram and Facebook, as well as in this blog, but I wanted to keep what the finished dolls was going to be a secret until she was finished and I could do this post. I had a couple of guesses, but not one guessed Brunnhilde. 
     The last things I needed to do before I could get her all put together, were make a short sword and a shield. Maire and I worked out a really great way to do the shield when I visited last Sunday and it made the process so much less daunting. I really like how the design worked out. 
To get the shape I heated up the foam and I wrapped it around an upturned coffee mug. It seemed to work out nicely and I didn't end up with a wavy edge, which was happening when I tried to do it by hand.
    Here is the shield and the short sword, ready for primer and paint. 
And the base coat...
Many layers of silver and a start on the gold parts. 
putting the armbands on the shield
And the straps on the sword. 
And here is Brunnhilde the Valkyrie, finally done. She has her short sword, spear and shield.

I really enjoyed making this doll and working out how to do the different parts of the armor
I don't know what Gail's plans are for her, but she's a very interesting doll. 
I love how her face came out. I used a photo of Birgit for reference. 

Here is a better view of the wings on her headband. 
She can put down her spear and shield if she chooses.
A closer look at her sword. 
     I really enjoyed making this doll and the process of thinking of different ways to do things. It's nice to do something very different once in awhile. And since I just finished my Breyerfest craziness this was a perfect project. Next up I have to put a suit on Tony Stark. I am hoping to have him finished by the end of the week.      

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