Monday, July 15, 2019

My GPS wanted me to drive in New York City

     Yesterday Travis and I took a road trip down to see Maire. My ancient GPS decided that I needed to drive in New York City.  I had never done that before, hadn't really planned on it yesterday, but it was an experience. When you are stopped at a red light, and there are people in the road in your way anyway, is a good time to take a picture of the trains. There was actually one going by, but you sadly can't see it. 
     When your GPS says you need to go over the George Washington Bridge, you get to sit in a special kind of traffic. 
     Surprisingly, this part of the trip was not the slowest or longest. Also, the top level of the GW bridge is pretty cool. 
     We did eventually make it down to Maire's house and she and her husband, Steve, made both Travis and I feel right at home. I always love when people are so welcoming to Travis. And it was so genuine. They are both amazing people and I wish they were closer. When we got home last night, Travis was already asking about them. 
     After awhile Maire and I ended up doing some work together. I was working some more on the tiny little bit dolls...

   ...and Maire made me a saddle pad for my newest pony saddle. It is fun to watch artists work and to see the spaces they work in. Maire was surprised I didn't want a work light for the stuff I was working on. I told her we have super crappy light at home and I am used to working sort of in the dark. 
     I did a bit more on the details for the unusual doll I am working on. These pieces will all be painted gold to match the breastplate I already made. I also did some brainstorming with Maire on how to do the shield. I have a good plan now and I'm pretty excited to try it out!
     I also got to see her fabric stash. I love looking through other people's fabric! You get to see things you have never seen before and get ideas on where to look for new things, different products and so on. I am so excited to search out some new stuff for doll making and put some new ideas into action!
     Here is my awesome saddle pad that was made right before my eyes. I should have paid more attention, but I was working and chatting. It is super cool watching people take a pile of material and turn it into a beautiful miniature. I know, people make things that are not miniatures, miniatures are just the most fun.
     Because of my GPS's need to have me drive in New York City and one of those weird slow-downs-for-no-particular-reason in Connecticut on the way home, I ended up doing probably a total of 7+ hours of driving yesterday. Which was actually not too bad and Travis seemed to like the driving as much as the visiting. Maire and Steve are wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to New Jersey. I'm hoping to do it again sometime soon.


ShamrockFarmsInc. said...

I enjoy your blogging - whether it’s life or art or the is inspiring and connective! Keep writing your experience. It’s fun!

Field of Dolls Studio said...

I'm still usually a super private person, but it's been fun sharing some life stuff and process stuff with people. I am glad you are enjoying it!